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The best PlayStation games on Android phones emulators and without

 The best PlayStation games on Android phones emulators and without

Android games have developed tremendously, and smartphones have become one of the best ways of entertainment, as Android game stores are full of PlayStation games with or without emulators or games that contain features similar to PlayStation games in terms of ideas or in terms of high-quality graphics, and we will learn through This article is about the best PlayStation games of 2022.

Playstation Android Emulator

Emulators enable Android users to play their favorite PlayStation games on their Android phone. The original PlayStation games can only be played directly with these emulators; Emulators also have a wide range of paid and free PlayStation games, and there are types of emulators, including:

1- Playstation 1 emulator for Android

Play station 1 emulators are a perfect choice for all fans of old games for playstation devices, the way to download and run the emulator is very simple, then you can play all the games in one folder on android devices like Infinix for free:

- Install the ePSXe for Android app.

Now the PS1 BIOS application must be installed in order to activate the emulator. Then the emulator is ready to install the games.

Install Zarchiver, in order to extract the SCPH1001.zip file from the BIOS file.

Download playstation games from coolrom platform.

Extract the zip file of the game you downloaded, then go to the emulator and click on Run bios and then click on run game.

2- Best PlayStation 2 Emulators for Android

Perhaps you are looking for the best PlayStation 2 emulator for Android, these are the best emulators that you can download:

- Download the DamonPS2 application.

Damon PS2 application provides you a real experience of PlayStation 2 and it is completely free application, and you can pay 10 dollars in order to get additional features; It is the first PlayStation 2 emulator on the Google Play store due to its fast performance that can run more than 90% of games.

- Emulator Play!

Play is one of the best ps emulators on the phone to play PlayStation 2 games on Android phones easily; The application is used by more than a million users; It enables you to play games at a rate of 129 bytes without downloading the PS2 BIOS application, and it can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

- PPSSTWO . Application

The PPSSTWO emulator is one of the most important PlayStation 2 emulators compatible with Android phones, and the application is constantly updated to be compatible with all game versions, and the application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or through the site directly.

3- Playstation 3 emulator on Android phones for free

Now you can download PlayStation games on your Android phone for free through these free emulators:

- ESX-PS3 App

The ESX-PS3 app occupies the first place in the list of the best PlayStation 3 emulators, it has a user-friendly interface, and it can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store, but you need to register in order to enjoy the features of the application.


PPSSPP has received millions of downloads with a rating of 4.2+ to play PlayStation games on Android, and through it you can play PlayStation 3 games on Android phones for free.

- RPCS3 Application

The RPCS3 emulator is a very popular emulator for PC, but it managed to become very popular for Android devices as well, but despite that the application is still in its early stages of development, and provides a fast and simple environment to play the original PlayStation games.

 4- Playstation 4 emulator for Android

The PlayStation 4 Emulator is a ps4 emulator that can be downloaded directly for free. The application has an easy-to-use interface, which includes a set of controls and settings that make it easier for you to play and download the latest versions of PlayStation 4 games.

Best playstation emulator for android

In addition to the emulators mentioned earlier, there is a large group of emulators that have been able to collect all versions of the PlayStation in one application, all you have to do is download one of the most powerful applications of the PlayStation emulator for Android from the following list:

- ClassicBoy Gold app

Classic Body Gold is one of the most powerful emulators to play PlayStation games on your Android phone, as it contains a large number of consoles, including PlayStation, and supports console hardware and controls, sound settings, save and load.

- EmuBox app

It is one of the newest emulators to play ps games on Android phones, and it is a completely free application and is similar to the Classic Body Gold application; It includes a set of features in one application, contains a large number of other controllers, and supports the controller for different devices.

- RetroArch . app

One of the most famous emulation applications to play PlayStation games on smartphones that support Android, the emulator provides you with a completely realistic environment, but in fact it is a bit difficult, but if you master it, you will not have to install another application, and the application is completely free and you can download it simply from the store .