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The best Android games without the net | 18 games you will never get tired of playing

The best Android games without the net | 18 games you will never get tired of playing

The Google Play store includes a lot of interesting Android games that work offline and that suit all categories and tastes, and we recommend to you in this article the best Android games without the net from our point of view, you do not need an Internet connection, and many of them can work on Weak Android devices.

1- Alto's Odyssey is the best Android games without the net

Alto's Odyssey is one of the best offline Android games, as it does not need a Wi-Fi network.

 It is a very distinctive and simple game, based on jumping and climbing high mountains, and the game contains beautiful enthusiastic music and wonderful sound effects that attract players while playing, and the game provides a set of graphics with high graphics.

It contains many levels that you need to focus in each level in order to pass the next level easily, and the game is completely free, and you can download it from Google Play with ease.

2- My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge, the best offline games

My Friend Pedro is one of the most entertaining and very different games on the Google Play Store, which does not depend on an Internet connection, and it is developed by the Swiss company DevolverDigital, which provided many paid and free games.

The gameplay is similar to flash games in terms of control, weapons and the ability to control time, and the hero of the game (Pedro) can kick objects and enemies, and show parkour skills such as flips and jumping up.

 These skills will help you to increase your score in the game, and the player can pass a set of missions and levels by killing enemies and picking up bananas.

The game is one of the popular games in the Google Play Store and it is light on weak Android phones, as it is played by more than 5 million players around the world, and you can benefit from the experience of playing for free and download the game from the Google Play Store or buy paid features for only $3 with ease via Visa .

3- Grand Mountain Adventure, the best Android games without the net

If you love adventure games and skiing, I think this game is very suitable for you, as the game is based on skiing on the slopes, collecting items and discovering new mountains, and it is an open world game that is similar in its way to the game of subway or running games in general, where You need to tap on both sides of the screen in order to increase the speed.

The game also provides many rewards while skiing across the mountain, the more you ski well and complete the challenges, you succeed in unlocking more levels, these levels contain new ski tracks and mountains, and you get points for each hit you make, in addition to the presence of a leaderboard that Can be shared with your friends when internet is available.

The game also has very distinctive graphics, which can not be easily found in any other free game, in addition to the interesting gameplay and enthusiastic music that puts you in another world.

4- Eternium is the best Android game

Eternium is one of the best unique action RPG game in the RPG category with its easy to use controls, the game can be played without internet.

It is also an adventure in caves and dungeons, in which you can explore forests and villages, lay siege to castles, and snowy mountain tops.

In addition, you can travel to kill strange creatures found between craters and valleys such as skeletons, zombies, demons, dragons and many other strange creatures, including deserts, pyramids, and forests.

Eternium is completely free to play, and the purchase of the paid version is optional, where you can kill enemies and complete missions to get gems, not only with the paid version.

In this game, you will really enjoy the fast combat, the great game effects, the exhilarating spirited sounds, and the rewards, as well as the wonderful backgrounds. The game contains four worlds with endless levels.

5- UNKILLED is the best Android game

Unkilled is an action game available on Android devices, and the game contains more than 300 missions, each mission is different from the other, one of which lies in saving a person, and the other mission is to destroy a target or locate a location, and there are missions aimed at stealth.

 And all of that and the player has a large amount of weapons in order to hunt down a large number of zombies, and you can change weapons before starting the mission.

The player gets financial rewards and experience in the game after completing each mission, and through this money it is possible to buy new weapons and upgrade weapons through experience, and more rewards can be purchased through money through the visa.

6- Download the action game Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2 is one of the most popular Android action games on the Google Play Store, as it has been downloaded by more than 70 million players around the world, and through the game you will embark on a journey to save the family from zombies, just own powerful weapons and do what you can to survive.

The game is based on a horror story of 7 chapters rich in excitement and suspense with more than 60 stages and hundreds of other challenges, in addition to the many environments such as oil fields, military bases, army camps, countryside and farms, and the game does not require an internet connection.

7- Morphite is the best Android game

Morphite is a sci-fi game based on space and galaxy exploration, completely inspired by No Man's Sky in terms of graphics and game idea.

Through the game Morphite, through your spaceship, you will be able to collect tools, discover life in space, and you can launch attacks or jump after reaching any planet, but don't forget to check the energy and oxygen bar so you don't die.

And the paid version of the game will enable you to follow the story and block ads when connected to the Internet, and the game was developed by Crescent Moon Games.

9- Asphalt 8 Airborne is the best offline game for Android


Asphalt 8 Airborne is a unique car racing experience offered by the famous Gameloft, the game contains more than 300 cars and more than 75 trucks, and the possibility of playing in single or multiplayer mode with and without internet.

 Through the game, you can perform sliding movements on the asphalt, and the game contains a large number of different scenarios and landscapes in different countries, interesting challenges and competitions of a certain duration.

As for the cars in the game, they are licensed luxury cars of the best known companies such as Lamborghini, Bugatti, Porsche and others, the game includes a large collection of motorbikes.

10- Download Hill Climbing Racing 2

Hill Climbing Racing 2 is a 2D game, the idea of ​​the game is to cross the finish line without tipping over, it's easy at the beginning, but as you advance in the levels, it will gradually get more difficult.

At the beginning of the game, you will only get one car, and by advancing the levels you can update the car's features, change the paint, tires, etc. or you can buy other cars and you can also buy motorcycles.

The gameplay of Hill Climbing Racing 2 is very easy and similar to many other car game versions, you have a control panel with brake pedal and accelerator pedal, both of which should be controlled in order to avoid the vehicle overturning.

It is worth noting that this version has greatly evolved from the old version, this version includes updates in terms of graphics, tracks, levels and new cars, and you can also play with friends online.

11- Need for Speed: No Limits

As for the Need for Speed ​​game, it is one of the car games that has seen great popularity since its launch in the Google Play Store in 2015, and it is one of the best Android games without the net, as it contains an infinite number of races, in addition to more than 30 cars in the game Each car can be upgraded or customized, and the more races you complete, the more parts you get to unlock new cars and other parts to upgrade old cars.

Need for Speed ​​is one of the most realistic games available on the Google Play Store, and that lies in the graphics and realistic game graphics in addition to the presence of shadows, smoke and other things that make the game a very great experience.

As for the controls, they are very simple, there are no accelerator or brake pedals, not even a steering wheel, all you have to do is tap to the right or left side to turn and swipe up to increase the speed.

12- Horizon Chase – Arcade Racing is one of the best Android games

Horizon Chase is one of the best racing games, developed by Aquiris Game studio, and works on Android and iOS devices, and was launched for the first time in 2015 AD, and it contains wonderful and attractive 3D graphics, especially for children and teens, in addition to a realistic soundtrack to to a big limit.

While playing the game, you can improve the features of cars, repair and speed them up. As for the control panel, there are a number of options; Where you can play by auto-rotate system or arrows.

  Each level contains a number of chains in each level, and each level takes you to a different place around the world, and each chain contains 5 races, and in order to unlock a new car you have to take first place in each race, do you think this is easy? Try the game and see for yourself.

13- Pocket City is the best Android game


Pocket City opens the way for you to create the city you hope for by building the city's infrastructure in terms of roads, power stations and water towers, after which you will need to create residential and commercial areas and build a fire station and police stations. The game will start giving instructions in order to start building and complete the tasks, and you can buy the game in order to create the largest amount of buildings in a short period of time for only $5.

14- Brothers in Arms 3 is an Android game without the net

Brothers in Arms 3 is one of the most beautiful offline Android games ever, it is completely free to play.

The game revolves around the Second World War, especially the liberation of Europe, and your mission is to shoot and kill a large number of Nazis. The truth is the game is good and interesting, thanks to the game's graphics and smooth operation that made it a perfect game, and you can control the movement through the virtual stick.


15- Friday the 13th is the best Android games without the net

Friday the 13th is set in the 80s; It is a multiplayer open world horror game, the room can be up to 8 players, one player is chosen randomly This player is trying to kill jason voorhees by using firecrackers, traps and weapons, and then the ability to kill the rest of the advisors and then move to anywhere Another in the map. The goal is to survive the session until the time runs out, and the game can be played solo offline against bots.

16- The crossy Road game is the best offline games

Crossy Road is an arcade game, a game inspired by the frogger game, and the idea of ​​the game is to guide that little animal you choose to cross the crowded streets safely. The little animal jumped with a leap forward, but if you swipe your finger to the right, the animal will go to the right, and if you go with your finger to the left, the animal will move to the left in order to avoid cars, trucks and fast trains.

While playing, you can pick up gold coins in order to buy new animals to guide them as well, and one of the most important strengths of the game is that it has simple graphics that suit the young age group, as well as the ability to play the game without the net in a small size, as it is not small and light according to, but requires Android 2.3 or later .

17- Bejeweled game

Bejeweled is one of the best puzzle games, played by more than 10 million players, the idea of ​​the game is to swap adjacent gems (red - orange - yellow - green - blue - purple - white) and make a row of 3 or more gems, giving you more alignment From 4 gems or perform matches simultaneously to additional points for entry to advanced levels.

18- Two dots game is the best Android games without the net in a small size

Two dots is one of the best puzzle games based on bright colors and simplicity, the game is divided into several worlds, each of them has its own design as well as their own strange characters and animations, as well as interactive sound effects that do not distract attention.

The way to play is easy and simple, you just need to connect two or more dots of the same color in order to remove them from the screen, you can also create a square to clear the dots, and as you clear points, you collect a number of stars.

 These stars will help you advance in the game levels, and you can also earn medals for each level if you connect Facebook to your account in the game.

But what makes the game really difficult and interesting at the same time is that each level has a clear goal, and this goal should be achieved with smart tricks, and each level needs new and different tricks in order to achieve its goals, but you will gain this skill as you progress in the levels.

The nice thing about this game is that it's free, even the ads for in-app purchases aren't too intrusive, but you can pay a few bucks for the extra moves.

19- Fallout Shelter game

 Fallout Shelter is a free simulation game developed by Bethesda Softworks LLC in June 2015. Players take on the role of a supervisor, in charge of constructing facilities, buildings and rooms; This enhances the health and happiness of the population.

Inhabitants can be given some items such as weapons in order to help with various tasks, and new inhabitants of the wasteland can be settled and settled in the rooms and buildings that have been created.

Although there are a large number of games that work without the Internet, but this list was the best Android games without the net from my point of view. If you are looking for war games, arcade games, gas or anything else, these games are an ideal choice for you, All you have to do is download the games from the store, and then enjoy playing without the need to connect to the Internet.