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Top 5 games that I personally like for Android

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 Top 5 games that I personally like for Android and iPhone | Don't miss it

Top 5 games that I personally like for Android

The first game - Levelhead:

 Prepare yourself, because in the strongest Android games, you will be an employee inside this game. Your task is to train a new robot called GR18. This robot is tasked with starting to do the tasks that you will do on your own. You start telling the levels very often by reaching more than ninety levels within the game. You will start designing all the parts within the levels. After that, he fills it with adventures and says strange things, in addition to some puzzles that are inside it, so that the way the robot can bypass it is very difficult. The robot here has its mission to start doing all these tasks and collecting all the gold and parts that are required of him inside the game

 So that he can win and start to pass the next level. Try to make the levels difficult. Also, you can drive your own levels inside the game and let his players play again. The idea of ​​a new game and the way to implement it, I liked very much in addition to the idea that you will be the developer inside the game and You start designing all the parts that are in it, and after that a robot, you can develop and let it pass these levels. As more levels rise, the robot begins to deliver a higher level, so the blood develops from the game. You are the one who will be in control for a while. That's why I highly recommend you to the link below there on the Android store

The second game - Monobot:

"It's the best game I've played since I started working on this site. Monobot is so much I want in a game. It tells its story step by step, has a sci-fi setting, and a very good puzzle platformer with a great soundtrack." Being neither too tall nor too short, and starting from a very interesting yet mysterious place makes Monobot worth seeing."

"Monobot is an indie game that we love. It's original. It's great. It gives us a great soundtrack. Plus, its puzzles vary throughout the game to avoid repetition and boredom. An unforgettable adventure, discover it at least once."

The third game - Hide Online:

  It is a third-person action game that offers you the challenge of bringing two teams on either side of the screen and head to head in closed scenes. What makes things even more exciting and fun is the fact that one team is made up of objects that can be disguised to be incorporated into the scenes, in order to ensure their survival, while the other team is made up of robotically armed hunters. Weapons.Hide Online is an exotic multiplayer action game that offers a real gaming experience. On a visual level, it is really a great game for Android games

The controls used in the game are the same for both teams: the virtual action stick is on the left side of the screen, while the action buttons are on the right. If you are a hunter, you can shoot and throw grenades; If you can disguise yourself, you can transform yourself into other things. The gameplay in Hide Online is practically identical to that of Garry's Mod. It is basically a version of the well-known classic hide and seek game. Especially, because it's like you're going to play hide and seek with "things". Games for Android

Fourth game - The Ghost:

 If you are looking for the best horror game for Android that is without the Internet and play it with your friends and enjoy this game, the best choice for you. You can play it with your friends through the Internet or through fake WiFi. Anyone can open a WiFi network and connect to it Enjoy the best horror game for Android that has a lot of features. First, a small size is suitable for weak devices and put the number of players through which you can play with your friends. Excellent in these best Android games of the horror type, Google games, Google games

Game 5 - Tiny Robots Recharged:

 It's all fun and games until the bad guys take your friends away. It's not their fault that he built his top-secret lab next to the park. Who knows what horrific experiments he had on them? 😳 Only you can solve the puzzles and save your comrades before it's too late! ALL LEVELS FREE Play more than 40 levels absolutely for free!

Remarkable puzzles Solve a variety of puzzles and riddles in this new escape and adventure game! 3D Artistic and Visual Effects will take your game settings from scratch and leave you wanting more. Amazing sound Great soundtrack and effects connect you to a colorful world Get this refreshing 3D escape game now.

The Sixth Game - Mini Militia - Cartoon Army 2

 Get to know with us a game of the best games that you can enjoy with your friends from types of war, but the fun war with your friends where you choose the map you want, you enter with each other through the fake Wi-Fi and you cut the dumps I explained in the past about how to play this game of very fun things The game is that you will play it with your friends without the Internet while you are sitting together. Welcome to it. It has many features that I can explain to you only when you try it. The size of the game is small and it does not exceed 50 megabytes, in addition, it works without the Internet.

Top 5 games that I personally like for Android

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