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Top 5 apps 2022

Top 5 apps - best 5 applicationsThe advantage of converting your voice to any voice you want in any online game for free without any problems with a visa present in your phone that many do not know about. In addition, today we will learn about the best 5 Android applications 2022, all of which are useful applications on a page enjoy it, including applications to retrieve deleted photos and solve problems for the phone And buy things for free at a cheap price and many things that we will learn about in the best 5 applications of 2022

Top 5 Android Apps

The first application, Nakhtam: Use the direct link to download the “Nakhtam” application for Android, after downloading the “Nakhtam” application for Android, add more nobility to your Android mobile device every time you use the application with the reciters of the Noble Qur’an one of the verses of the Qur’an, while Go about your daily life effortlessly with the "Nakhtam" app for Android.

Nakhtam application for Android is a program for the Noble Qur’an recorded and adapted from the King Fahd Complex for the Printing of the Noble Qur’an. The Nakhtam Android app uses this font to display verses from the Quran instead of images, so you can copy any verse from the app and share or search for it unlike other Quran apps.


The second application is coupons. We all know that I am in the month of Ramadan this month, in which we buy a lot of things, in addition to the fact that in normal days you buy some on the Internet through famous sites such as Amazon, Jumia and many other sites today. I did not come to you before an application through which you can To take discount coupons on the things you buy through this site gives you many girls for all Arab countries. You take this acceptance and then put it in the shopping cart, discounting you up to more than 30%

Top 5 Android Apps 2022

The third application Anything to PiP: This application gives you an awesome feature that you will only see in paid applications such as the YouTube application. YouTube and then you click on the word share for the video and choose an application and then the flowers start for you in a window in a part of the phone on a screen that you can select, move it to what it was and continue browsing

Fourth app DiskDigger photo recovery: Recover deleted photos for Android, an app that recover photos from Android phone that you thought long time ago, if you accidentally deleted photos or lost them while uninstalling the app, you can restore them and save them back to your device's memory. This is an excellent application for recovering deleted files and photos, but it does it in a very simple way, unlike similar applications, it allows you to recover lost photos without any problems.

The last feature is to convert your voice to any voice you want in games for free: after Android 12 came down to most of the phones that support it, you can now convert your voice to any voice you want only through this feature that you will not see in any application except in paid applications and provided it to you Android 12 For free, all you have to do is enter the online game, in which you can play with friends, open the mic, and then drag the bar on the side, it appears that you change the sound, you click on it, and from here you can choose any sound you want, such as the voice of the child or the voice of the alien man or other sounds

Best app to recover deleted photos 

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