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The best game to play with your friends for Android and iPhone (with a mike to talk)

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 The best game to play with your friends for Android and iPhone (with a mike to talk)

 Top 10 games to play with your friends for Android phones

If you are a fan of survival and horror games and playing with your friends, then join us today as one of the best multiplayer horror games ever. Mimicry: Online Horror Action for Android is now available from us absolutely for free. You can download and enjoy it Many game lovers, especially those who love to play games with their friends, know that there are many different scary games that can be played normally, but recently multiplayer horror games have proliferated when online, including Mimicry: Online Horror Action. You can play and share with friends, start a team or randomly enter any team, have private conversations and bring the game to life.

The best games to play with your friends for Android and iPhone (with a mic to talk)

Mimicry: Online Horror: The idea of ​​this game may have been realized in the famous game "among us" or "Dead By Day Lite", but especially the way to achieve this game is completely different, so the game is made up of a group of friends, you and your friends can Play together. One of them is a monster. You begin to perform the tasks.

It's also important to complete these missions before the monster sees you, but it's hard to leave. The difference with my favorite is that the monster disappears here. Yes, I mean, the monster can be represented with the same personality as your character, naturally walks with you and performs tasks, but when you are alone for the first time, it will start to prey on you.


 The game also has microphones and earphones that can talk to each other. There is a great idea from "among us". But the way it is implemented, I really like the atmosphere of the game, especially the horror atmosphere of the game. There are things that you don't find in some games. Both Android and iPhone are powerful, so I will give you the game link or you need internet

 Features of Mimicry: Online Horror for Android and iPhone

The best horror game to play with your friends, an internet package, or with real people

The sound effects, the way of horror, and the way the game was terrible and dangerous

The game has a mic to talk to your friends and this is one of the most beautiful things in the games now

The way the game was designed is very beautiful and different, and it was not implemented before. The idea was implemented in famous games

The size of the game is small and suitable for weak devices, and this is one of the best things about the game

The game play inside the game is excellent and does not need to be developed due to some simple things

The graphics of the game were very cool and I enjoyed it with the way it was implemented

You can enjoy with 10 of your friends very much, you will enjoy the game

One of the fun things is that it is a horror game that you play with your friends, but in a different way and it represents famous games

The game has a lot of fun mods and maps

 For the first time we find a way to implement and play such a wonderful game. This game is a very terrible horror game. One of its most important features is that it brings you together with your friends with Mike to talk through the Internet. If you are not next to each other in the game through the Internet, you can play with your friends up to 10 friends.

In the gym for me, through the game, you will enter with your friends and then choose the death that you want to play with, and then you will have a monster of your friends, but it can be one of you with the same original character and at a time he will turn when he wants to keep you this be A good guard from anyone who carries out missions

Best online Android games of 2021: Play with friends online

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