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How to convert the phone to PlayStation (5 & 4) 2022

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 How to convert the phone to PlayStation (5 & 4) 2022

How to turn your phone into a PlayStation 4

 How to turn your phone into a PlayStation 5 or 4 One of the most questions that always comes up is how to do and play PlayStation 4 games on the phone in an easy way Today we will learn how to turn your phone into a PlayStation screen or turn the phone into a PlayStation 4 through a player All games without the need for a joystick in your PlayStation.

How to turn your phone into a PlayStation 5

 In the beginning, you should know that you must own a PlayStation 4 or 5, after that you go to the settings and go to the system and choose the remote control and activate this option and then go to the bottom option, which contains my code Connect the PlayStation to the mobile after that You are to go to the mobile and download the PlayStation application, which I will put the link for you below

Now we enter the PlayStation application on the phone and you register for your email on the PlayStation. After registration, two options appear for you to choose the PlayStation that you have and it was the PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5 and after that it asks you for the code of this code that we were standing in on the PlayStation Station You write this eight-digit code and then you notice that your phone has been converted into a screen for the PlayStation You and I want to enjoy your PlayStation on your phone without any problems even if you want to move to another place


 You can play all the PlayStation games you have on the phone and enjoy them with all the full quality and you do not need a control hand either, even if your control hand has a problem or something, you will not need a new control hand, through the phone is your new control hand that you can control Through anything you have in the Playstation

How to turn your mobile device into a PlayStation

 Advantages of turning your phone into a PlayStation 4 or 5

 You do not need to open how much you have in the PlayStation through your phone only

 You do not need an internet connection or you must be connected to the same network as your phone

 Anywhere longing, everything that is shown on the PlayStation is on your phone and the screen of your phone

 The size of the application is small and suitable for all devices

 There is no lag or cutting because it depends on the speed of the Internet and your broadcast speed only, so it does not need a strong phone

With Remote Play PS you can:

• Display the PlayStation®5 or PlayStation®4 screen on your mobile device.

• Use the on-screen controller of your mobile device to control your PS5 or PS4.

• Use the DUALSHOCKⓇ4 Wireless Controller on a mobile device with Android 10 or higher.

• Use the DualSense™ Wireless Controller on a mobile device running Android 12 or higher.

• Use your mobile device's microphone to join voice conversations.

• Use your phone's keyboard to enter text on your PS5 or PS4.

To use this app, you need the following:

• A mobile device running Android 7.0 or higher

• PS5 or PS4 system with the latest version of the system software installed

• PlayStation Network account

• Fast and stable internet connection

Using your console:

• You can use DualSense wireless controllers on mobile devices running Android 12 or higher.

• You can use the DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller with a mobile device running Android 10 or higher. (For devices running Android 10 and 11, use the onscreen controller to use the touchpad feature.)


• This app may not work properly on unauthenticated devices.

• This app may not work with some games.

• Console vibration may differ from what happens when you play on PS5 or PS4.

• Depending on the capabilities of your mobile device, you may experience slow input while using the wireless controller.

Turn your phone into a PlayStation arm

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