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Best 6 Android and iPhone apps 2022 | 1 app with 5 apps

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 Best 6 Android and iPhone apps 2022 | 1 app with 5 apps

 Best Android and iPhone apps 2022

In this article we are talking about the top 5 best Android apps for Android and iPhone 2021, so if you take a tour of the Google Play Store, you will be confused because of the many applications that you will see in this store, and this confusion probably lies in choosing the best Android application among those And of course your choice will vary according to your preferences and desires, you may need applications to change the look of your phone or applications to remove viruses from your phone or solve the problem of age in games, and in this, dear we have collected for you the 5 best Android applications 2021.

Best Android and iPhone apps 2022

Best Android Apps 2022

 1- The first application - Fluid Simulation Free

Are you bored of your phone? Fluid Simulation Free is a fun relaxation app that turns your smartphone into a fluid space where colors flow and respond to the touch of your finger on the screen. This is an app that uses the touch sensitivity of your screen to let you create a galaxy full of liquid and moving colors.. You can also use the app as a live wallpaper on your phone 😍This beautiful app can help you relax, relieve the annoying stress from your mind, and enjoy the moments of your life now.

When you launch the app for the first time, you will freeze in the face of beauty and splendor that you have never seen before. Believe it or not, you will be happy to play it, click on it every second, to try out the cool shapes. Still not convinced? You are the man this app was designed for. He will ease your complaints and be a very interesting person. Show it to your kids too, they will love it. You only have one life, so what are you waiting for? Stop reading this and play it.


The way Fluid Simulation Free works is simple: you can draw all kinds of shapes on your screen simply by moving your fingers, the models are somewhat random, but the results are always amazing and relaxing.Although the shapes are randomly generated, you can customize the experience as much you want using the options. You have the choice if you want more effects like Liquid, Fire, Light or Ava. There are many possibilities and it all depends on what you set.

2- The second application - AppMate

This application is considered one of the best applications for the year 2021, as it is more than 5 applications in one application that can do support downloading videos from more than 100 sites. You can easily download videos and music directly from the Internet to your device. All formats are supported. 100% FREE! AppMate detects videos automatically and you can download them with one click.

Save WhatsApp Status View your friends photo status or WhatsApp video status and Repost this WhatsApp status. If you love your friends WhatsApp video status, use this WhatsApp status downloader and save this WhatsApp story.★ Private space AppMate is a great privacy protection app to easily hide and encrypt your photos, videos and any other files that you don't want others to see.

AppMate App Features

★ There are no ads.

★: Supports downloading videos from 100+ sites

★: Download videos from Instagram and IGTV.

★ Download video from Facebook HD

★ Download any video and GIF from Pinterest.

★ Download Twitter videos: Save Twitter videos to an album.

★ WhatsApp status photo and video downloader app.

3- Third App - Force Stop Apps

Our phones usually run a lot of apps in the background. Sometimes we don't need it to run because we hate those annoying notifications. This app will not only help you stop them and make your phone faster and more energy efficient! This app stops other apps at the process level, so you can finish the job. Speed ​​Booster & RAM Cleaner Phone runs faster because it stops many useless processes.

Battery Saver Reducing app launches can also save power. CPU Cooler Stopping useless apps can also reduce CPU usage and cool down. This app uses accessibility services. When using it, you may receive privacy warnings, which is a standard procedure on all Android operating systems when accessibility services are enabled. This application will not collect any personal data. It was chosen for you, of course

4- Fourth Application - Notes Widget Reminder

The most intuitive notes tool with built-in reminders. Tired of complex apps with features you'll never use? With this app, you can add notes or set a reminder with just one click! You can create a note by typing directly into the widget, with just one click, right from your home screen (without opening another screen). You can also set "real reminders" on notes, not short beeps, but a one-minute bell and more.

Features of Notes Widget Reminder

Easy to use and not complicated like Pathy App

It is completely free and does not have any ads

Doesn't need an internet connection

Available for Android and iPhone

5- TruePick's V-App

TruePick features some great handpicked wallpapers and stunning home screen settings with all the needed information about the resources used, like Icon Pack, Launcher, Widget Names and links to each of them etc. The app features more than 250+ wallpapers and home screen settings that are hand picked and updated every week. You will find high quality Amoled wallpapers for your OLED screens and if you are a simple guy who loves looking at minimal structures as your wallpaper then you are in the right place, trust us!

TruePick's Features

★ There are no ads.

★: The app features more than 250+ wallpapers

★: The application features downloading wallpapers on your phone

★Easy to use and not complicated like Pathy App

★Completely free and does not have any ads

★Available for Android and iPhone

6- The sixth application - Kaspersky Mobile Security

Kaspersky Mobile Security is a smartphone protection tool that does much more than just an antivirus, providing everything an Android user needs to feel safe. As you might expect, Kaspersky Mobile Security protects your device from any viruses that might attempt to attack, checks apps before you download them, and prevents you from Enter dangerous websites.And if that were not enough, Kaspersky Mobile Security includes tools that allow you to block calls and messages from certain numbers.

However, this is not the only protection that Kaspersky offers. You will also have at your disposal a series of anti-theft tools that will allow you to remotely block access to the device, and even locate the stolen device via 3G or Wi-Fi. Kaspersky Mobile Security is a comprehensive protection tool that provides everything you need to feel safe. In addition, the program's control panel makes it easy to run or follow any of these processes.

Features of Kaspersky Mobile Security

It protects your phones and tablets from viruses

Protects your phone from any spying on it

It does not have any ads, but it is paid

The size of the application is very small

 Best 6 Android and iPhone apps 2022 | 1 app with 5 apps

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