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5 best Android apps 2022 that are important for your phone

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 5 best Android apps 2022 that are important for your phone

5 Best Android Apps 2022 You Must Try - You Won't Believe It's Free

 There are thousands or even millions of applications on Google Play for Android, and there are also applications on the iPhone Store. It is difficult to find the distinguished application to perform the task you want for it, so I save you the time and effort of the Internet to show you today the best 5 free Android applications and I do not know how these applications are so free The beauty and splendor of these applications, we start with the first application with us

Top 5 Android Apps

The first application is ToonApp

 This application is important and useful at the same time, so if you are looking and wasting your time on explanations on the YouTube platform, you want to know how to turn your image into a cartoon. Your image and it will convert your image into a cartoon image without getting tired without effort, but the application is paid

 And in order to be able to deceive the application, as we do not do anything contrary to the application, after the application has finished converting your image to a carton, all you have to do is make a screenshot and then enter your phone’s gallery and cut the small things that remain in the edges, and thus you get Your photo through the application for free without paying any money and also at the same time you did not do anything contrary to the application

 The second application ShareMe

 After the scandal that happened to the share it application and the hacking of the application and the occurrence of changes within the application where these gaps could lead to penetration of your phone and the installation of applications that you do not know anything about and at the same time these applications can take your information, photos and many things so far if you have not By deleting the application, delete it now and I will give you the alternative

 If you want an application that is faster than the share it application and also at the same time it spends its task without ads, and this is an important thing that is free and from a reliable company, our application today ShareMe is the best choice for you. This application is provided to me by all phones on Google Play and it transfers at a faster speed than the share it application and does not require you to data from you or show you ads or something like that. It is really the best file transfer application for the year 2021

 The third application is Game booster

 If you are a game lover and you always download and install new games on your phone, but unfortunately your phone is weak, and I take the example of a Pubg game in which lag and chopping happen. It is an increase in ping and many things, but unfortunately you do not know the solution to this problem. The solution is simply in the Game booster application where this is The application provides the speed of the Internet and also provides all the capabilities of the phone for the game you want to play, even saying that you delete the rest of the applications and games

 All you have to do is enter the Game booster application and after that you add your game that you are playing and you click on the settings tab next to the game. There is an option to lock applications in the background, as it speeds up your phone and solves the problem of lag and hacking, as well as locking notifications so that this thing does not disturb you while playing

 What distinguishes this application

 First, it helps you solve the problem of high ping in a game like PUBG

 Helps you solve the problem of lag and slicing inside the game

 And it does not require you money as this application is free

 Finally, it is small in size, less than 20 MB

 Fourth application Notagenda

 If you are a person who suffers from wasting time and do not know how to organize your time and organize the work that you must do in the day and also always forget and want something that reminds you of the things that you must do tomorrow and also want an application that saves you arithmetic problems, then the Notagenda application is the best choice in this article as This app provides all these things for free

 When you enter the application for the first time, you will see all the notes that the application sets, then you start your notes, Phonak notes for links, if you want to save links to specific explanations, there are notes to save your daily work and there are notes for writing arithmetic issues and the application replaces them automatically without your intervention there something

 There is a very wonderful thing that attracted me in the application, which is when you click on it and place this book under the camera, the application takes all the writings in the book and puts it inside a note inside the application and this thing will save you a lot of time and effort if you want to study abroad and do not want to carry The book in your phone will do the trick

 Features of this application

 Free app with all these features and I don't know how

 The size of the application is very small and does not exceed 20 MB

 Works on all phones, even the weak

 Provides you a great organization of your time

 Fifth app osmino launcher

 We come now to the most important idea of ​​the five Android applications for the year 2021, and we end with the osmino launcher application. This application will change the look of your phone in case you are tired of the look of your old phone and the look of old applications and you want to change so that you do not get bored of your phone. You want to download everything You have to download the osmino launcher app

 Where this application provides you with a lot of special things, first, it does not need the Internet, and secondly, it places distinctive and wonderful icons that are different from all applications in the same field. And very light as it does not make your phone slow

 5 best Android apps 2022 that are important for your phone

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