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4 secret study and study apps

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 4 secret study and study apps

  ✅ 4 secret apps for studying and studying

 There is no doubt that we all use the phone a lot, which leads to wasting a lot of our time, which we can invest in something useful, such as studying or studying. It will help you a lot in studying and organizing your time, and it will also help you in your life in general.

 ✅ The first Notion app

The Notion application is one of the best Android and iPhone applications to organize your time, write your diary, and also write everything you need to be reminded of. You can also write some of the things that you want to remember. You can write your accounts and password while they are safe. Do not worry. You can also write down your goals for this year and put them in the application so that you see them every day and also strive to achieve them. You can use the application in very many things that you want to remember, but this application It differs from the rest of the applications that it kills you with a wonderful appearance and you can add pictures of me anything you want to be reminded of. You can download the application from the link below the article

 ✅The second application YourHour

YourHour application is simply an investment of a number of hours a day, meaning that you waste a lot of hours of your day on applications such as YouTube, such as Facebook, like other social networking sites. You entered it in a day and how many hours you spent inside this application and also who gives you the number of times you entered and exited from the application and some many things but let's take an example on YouTube, so when you choose YouTube, it will send you as we agreed A graph of the number of times you enter this application in your day And the number of hours and when the time you entered it and all these things. All you have to do is choose the application that you want to specify the number of hours, and then you choose the settings, and then it will tell you to set a specific time for this. It says it will be half an hour. When you specify this time, I will be in To YouTube, and after half an hour of entering the application, the application will automatically close YouTube while you are in it so that you do not waste your time

 ✅ The third application Socratic

Let me give you a sports teacher in your phone, the Socratic application is officially supported by Google, and Google is the one who launched this application on Google Play. It carries a lot of reviews, and the number of its campaign reached more than 5 million downloads on Google Play and supports all Android phones that It comes with five or more, and you can also download it on Ice Online, an application that simply comes to mind. When you enter it, it gives you a yellow box in half of the screen, which is a camera, and then it tells you to insert the issue under this box and photograph it after only 10 seconds, the application will start It will solve the problem automatically and it will give you the solution and here the beautiful thing is that it will not only give you the result, but it will give you the steps to solve the problem and how the issue was resolved, and not only that, but it gives you a video on YouTube explaining to you how to solve the problem. If you do not understand the solution, I think that it is the best application that you can download on your phone

 ✅ Fourth and last OFFTIME application

What is the name of the application, you know what this application does. It simply turns off your phone at a time when you do not need the phone, meaning that now you want to tickets for an hour, but you enter this application, it gives you the starting time from entering it and the time that you want to turn off the phone, so What you have to do is that the watch will appear to you. Move this watch to the number of hours you want to turn off the phone. All you have to do is, but you entered an application at the twelfth hour. All you have to do is specify the number of hours and from 12 to 1:00 as an example, which is An hour in which I want to close the phone completely so that it does not open or someone calls you, and you also enter ITT. If you receive a notification, you specify the number of hours and then press start and the application will automatically close the phone for you and you will not be able to open the phone during this hour

 4 secret study and study apps

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