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Delete all your games: the best Android games 2022 [without the net] | Top 5 Best OFFLINE Games for Android

 Delete all your games: the best Android games 2022 [without the net] | Top 5 Best OFFLINE Games for Android

Delete all your games: the best Android games 2022 [without the net] | Top 5 Best OFFLINE Games for Android

5 best games for Android without the net

 Top 5 games in the world

The first game - Selma and the Wisp - is an amazing platform game with a particularly weird feel to it. Filled with logic puzzles and unexpected obstacles, the game includes innovative gameplay, low-tuning models, and stunning animations. Created by a group of passionate developers led by a visionary artist, the game offers • An innovative player-based control system consisting of two characters at a time, controlled by a joystick or virtual touch. • Lots of amazing puzzles to solve, peppered with arcade elements. • Technical mastery of graphic design in a low poly style where each frame is a masterpiece.

Game 2: Diving Simulator In the game Scuba Diving Simulator Underwater Survival Hunt, you will now use your diving expertise to try to become a driving pro. You will accept many exciting underwater missions in this scuba diving game. You will work as a whole team to find the shipwreck in deep water. Not only that, but you will save yourself from angry sharks or other sea monsters that will attack your team in underwater survival games. In this driving simulator game, you will learn how to survive in the deep sea and save yourself from different angry animals

In the game Scuba Diving Simulator Underwater Survival Hunt. You will accept raft survival missions because your team is well known for deep-sea treasures in ocean games for all the 3d survival games lovers. They will dive into the underwater world to start their missions and successfully find the treasured shipwreck in these survival games. You will give an update to your team members when you easily search for the most expensive items in the underwater survival games 2022. Now you will prepare yourself for a dangerous mission because you will face the angry shark in the underwater world.

Game 3 - Planets Rush: Take your car to the crazy planets for sightseeing and visit the woods, the beach, or the city. On each planet, you will face different challenges that will make it difficult to reach the checkpoints on time before the fuel runs out. Various power-ups will help you to complete levels: extra fuel, dashboard, coin machines, and more! Will you win the battle against time?

 Top 5 games for Android

4th game - mobile FPS: Welcome to rising Of Demons, the fast-paced, old-school arena-based first-person shooter you've all been waiting for! With responsive controls, realistic graphics, and action-packed gameplay, slay demons and zombies as you race against time with a futuristic arsenal at your disposal.

Game 5 - Legendary Football: One of the new and different football games recently launched by GALA Sports specialized in professional football, but Best Club is the first self-developed electronic football game from the best game developers and designers today, as it is licensed by FIFPro and some wealthy clubs other

Legendary Football is entirely based on artificial intelligence algorithms, both in the player's internal movements, animation, and graphics, as well as quick control of internal characters to match reality and movement, undoubtedly providing complete fluidity and a sense of fun, excitement, and suspense

Also, any Legendary Football game has great clarity and quality, it can be played in "120 FPS" mode, with real-time PvP options, very low latency, fair gameplay, and game lovers of course know what you're into time meaning.

So if your phone has a high-frequency screen of up to 120Hz, you can now play Best Club on the maximum internal settings available without worrying or worrying about your Android phone.