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Sony officially announces PlayStation VR 2 for PS5 with its features and more..

 Sony officially announces PlayStation VR 2 for PS5 with its features and more..

The CES 2022 event ended, during which Sony surprised us by officially announcing the features of the new PlayStation VR 2 accessory, which will be customized and compatible with PS5 only.

The official name of the PSVR 2 will be PlayStation VR 2 compatible and intended only for the PS5. The company did not reveal any pictures at the event, but rather revealed the most important features and features that the accessory will have, below we will mention to you the most important basic information about it according to what was mentioned in the official PlayStation Blog .Blog:

The official name of the device is PlayStation VR 2.
The device arms are dubbed PlayStation VR 2 Sense Controllers.
The device will add a true next-generation experience with high definition visuals, new sensory features, improved tracking and simplified setup, meaning it only needs one wire instead of several.
We come now to the most important section, which is the features and characteristics of the device as mentioned by the source as well, which will transport the player to the new stage of the new generation of virtual reality devices.

Sony officially announces PlayStation VR 2 for PS5 with its features and more..

New PlayStation VR 2 Headset Features
Visual Resolution: For a high-definition visual experience, the device offers 4K, HDR, and a 110-degree field of view. With an OLED screen, gamers can expect a display resolution of 2000 x 2040 per eye and smooth frame rates of 90/120Hz.

Headphone-based console tracking: With inside-out tracking, the device will track you and your console through the built-in cameras built into the VR headset. Your movements and the direction you look are reflected in the game without the need for an external camera.

New Sensory Features: PS VR2 Sense technology combines eye tracking, headphone feedback, 3D audio, and an innovative controller to create an incredibly deep feeling of immersion. Headset feedback is a new sensory feature that increases the player's sense of in-game actions, created by a single built-in vibration motor that adds an intelligent tactile element, bringing players closer to the gaming experience. For example, players can feel the character's pulse rising during tense moments, the rush of objects passing near the character's head, or the rush of a vehicle as the character accelerates forward.
Eye tracking: Through the eye tracking feature, the device detects the movement of your eyes, so a simple glance in a certain direction can create an additional entrance to the game character. This allows players to interact more intuitively in new and vibrant ways, allowing for heightened emotional response and enhanced expression that delivers a new level of realism in games.

Sony officially announces PlayStation VR 2 for PS5 with its features and more..

These are the specifications of our followers, integrated and affected of course by the sensory characteristics of the DualSense arm. We also mention that the Bluetooth feature in the device is the 5.1 class of talk and the device’s battery is made of rechargeable lithium, and the first upcoming titles of the device were announced exclusively, which is a sub-adventure of the Wii character and a sub-part In the name of Horizon Call Of The Mountain.

What do you think of the amazing specifications of the new PlayStation VR 2 glasses for PS5 our followers..?