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Best PC games of 2022: The latest PC games in the world

 Best PC games of 2022: The latest PC games in the world

The new generation of computer games has developed a lot and there are many enthusiastic games that are able to take away our time and help us spend fun times and eliminate boredom easily. We at Technology Gate try many games and enjoy our time talking to you about them, but when we decided to offer you A report on the best PC games of 2022 We decided to look at things differently and hear more than one opinion in order to be able to prepare 12 huge PC games that are really worth playing this year, even if they are not from this year, but they will help you stay up all night.


We decided to look at the best games in terms of interesting story and interesting gameplay that have amazing graphics that make you able to get the most out of the hardware of your new medium and powerful devices, so it should be noted that this list may include some of the games that It was first released in 2020 or even several years before, but until this moment it is widely popular among the audience of players and gets many new additions and expansions that make it able to compete with the games of the current year and provide an interesting gaming experience, for example, The Witcher 3 and Monster Hunter World and others, and you can buy the following games through the official computer games download site for each game that it provides in full copies for PC devices, and in order not to dwell on you in the introduction, come to us to learn about the 12 best computer games we have chosen for you.

• For free online games, follow the list of the best online games for the computer that you can play with friends over the global Internet.

• If you are a fan of games that work without downloading, follow the list of the best online games without downloading that work via the Internet browser on all devices.


Top 10 PC Games of 2022

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

In fact, I do not know where to start my talk, and although we were sure that you had already tried it and listened to it, but we were not able to tolerate it and not mention it, the game of the magician Gerald in the third part was able to provide a qualitative leap and an imaginary experience that we have never seen before in The game world, both in terms of story, plot, sword gameplay, jump on bloody monsters, and use magic skills to beat all competitors from humans and creatures.

The open world is the most important elements of The Witcher 3, the graphics and the style of acting in the scenes could not be better than that. The fighting movements and wrestling with monsters are very realistic and very convincing. We will not spoil the events of the story for you, but you must prepare to play the character of Geralt, the outcast wizard and the only one who is able to Countering the attacks of monsters, but at the same time you will deal with the bandits in an endless series of brutal battles, and although it was produced in 2015, but the graphics, the dramatic plot and the gameplay are the most important factors that make you feel when you first experience it as if you are trying a new game that was specially developed For 2022, make sure you don't get bored of it and try to complete all the sub-quests besides the main story missions.

2. Hades game

In Hades game you will make your way to Hell as the defiant son of his foolish father and your brothers are Zeus and Poseidon gods of the underworld, the idea of ​​the story is that you are trying to escape and break free from your father's grip and your weapon is your sword and you will find yourself in the beginning in the Greek underworld and over time you will get many upgrades To strengthen your skills, which will make your fighting method completely different from what it was in the beginning, and in this way, you will be able to face stronger and more ferocious monsters and enemies with the development of the story.

It should be noted a very important point, which is that Hades is one of those games that you can describe as ruthless, death in it can bring you back to where you started and you will die a lot and you will have to do the same thing over and over again, but once you can get rid of the surrounding spirits When you finish the attempt correctly, you will feel complete satisfaction and the thrill of a well-deserved victory and you will feel that it was really worth the struggle for it, fortunately death will not be an obstacle to upgrading your character and skills so that you have a better chance of passing through difficult areas and overcoming them, great game and camera style From the top makes you love the fierce adventure and you will love to try it and maybe repeat it more than once.

3. Hitman 3

For me personally, Hitman 3 feels like the best John Wick incarnation but without his long hair and you can literally use anything in the room to assassinate your targets, a great incarnation of a hitman in a new way, the idea of ​​the third and final part of Hitman is to teach a terrible killer how to be A better fighter and how to eventually become a legendary killer and most of the missions require you to turn into a shadow or a fantasy literally and not be seen at all which is very difficult but very favorite for all the espionage lovers.

The best thing is that you are free to choose the method of killing and that makes it one of the smartest spy games of all time, Hitman 3 is like a set of puzzle-solving exercises that invite the player to master the gameplay systems and there are several schemes that you can use to reach your target according to the way your mind sees it as The best, the game is difficult but with a little focus you will be satisfied with the sadistic experience, you can finish a whole level in 12 hours or you can finish it in just 10 seconds, this way of playing was a surprise in the world of spy games so be on your side and choose The way to play that suits you to achieve your goals, or more correctly, we say to assassinate your goals.

4. Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator is an amazing experience in every sense of the word that has never been seen before. The game allows you to virtual flight in various parts of the globe and is characterized by elements of realism and depth that words cannot describe, the airports are amazingly realistic and if you go to this Before in your real life, you will be sure that you will be amazed at how similar fantasy is to reality, not to mention the wonderful details inside the cockpit of the plane.

Microsoft has been able to take advantage of the services of the realistic mapping engine Bing and take this virtualization into a whole new world of freedom and realism. It is not in the hands of humans, but its final scene is almost perfect and splendid, but you will face many challenges while landing in some difficult airports, which requires more effort and accuracy, but adds an element of fun and excitement, a fun fantasy experience on the computer that takes you to a completely different world but an amazing world .

5. World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

The wonderful experience that we experienced over the past 16 years is back in its ninth edition with completely new characters and the beginning of a new chapter of the story where the game world contains completely new and strange, but distinctive and wonderful areas, for example, the Revendreth area where the wicked dead go there to repent and atone for their sins In the hands of the vampire Venthyr, the game is filled with spooky castles, dense trees and tangled forests, the Ardenweald Night Forest allows you to observe the creatures of nature and will captivate you in its starry brilliance.

The best of that is that you will deal with completely new characters and a strange group of factions and you will enjoy them, whether during the multiplayer or solo mode, there are many sub-quests beside the main tasks that make you spend most of the time inside them in order to advance the level and develop your faction easily, in terms of the story There are 4 factions that you will choose one of them, Angels, Spirits, Fairies and Vampires. The four kingdoms are suspended above the real hell scene called The Maw. Definitely a great gaming experience if you are a fan of RPG games, be sure that this is one of the most important games in 2022.

6. Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter is a series of action and role-playing games that start with only a very weak weapon and a set of schemes on your back and now it is your turn to start carrying out a set of tasks in the form of fighting huge monsters, the more you manage to win and kill one of the monsters, the more opportunity you have to harvest materials From your prey and take advantage of the objects in its environment in order to upgrade your skills, strengthen your weapons, and build stronger equipment that allows you to be able to confront the strongest monsters and defeat them.

The best thing about the game is that it contains 14 different weapons and with each weapon you will use it will feel like a whole new game and this helps you think about repeating the experience over and over, all monsters come with weaknesses and strengths and many materials and all of them will help you in customizing and building your character and equipping your equipment Better yet, there are many monsters in the game and even the new addition of the game contains completely different monsters that make you feel like you are inside a different game, a fun experience for RPG lovers that is impossible not to delve into.