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Top 5 Games from Netease Games [Android and iPhone] 2022

 Top 5 Games from Netease Games [Android and iPhone] 2022

Top 5 Games from Netease Games [Android and iPhone] 2022

 We have always been reviewing games from gameloft and rockstar games in 2019 and at the beginning of 2020 we have always been an exhibition of new games from tencent company and also garena free fire company and at the beginning of 2021 today I am showing you the five best games from Netease Games, the most powerful Android game company And the iPhone for 2021, how this company started in 2021 with strength and did it by downloading a lot of new games, and today we show you the five best games from this segment. Various games are sold. There are action games, war games, fighting games, open world games, survival games, and many more. of games

Top 5 games from Netease Games

The first game - CODE: ATLAS

The story of the game begins in the year 220 AH, the sea-eye catastrophe swept the world, and people have never forgotten the moment when a bottomless hole appeared in the sea. After the disaster, sea water covered nearly 90% of the surface, and the test for humanity just began with the loss of land. and a lack of fresh water. What was once an offshore drilling rig actually became a marine haven for humans, and ships became a means of transportation to communicate with each other after a simple transformation. Mutants are spreading, various forces are exploiting chaos on the rise, and there is an unknown mysterious sea waiting for people to explore.

CODE: ATLAS Features

The game size is small, suitable for graphics

The game requires internet

The game does not need your phone, strong with this graphic

The game has three mods that you can enjoy

Survival game

Game Two - Champion of the Fields

Champion of the Field is a real-time mobile soccer game. The game applies precise 4+1 key control for console repetition and fun, and features cross-platform compatibility with PC, iOS and Android. Realistic fields, unique characters, exciting real-time competition and smooth control will create a whole new mobile soccer experience. Champion of the Field is officially licensed by FIF Pro. Train thousands of real players, build your legendary team, win champions, and enjoy the passion and glory of true competition!

Fair Competition: Conquer the Field with SkillsThe game closely simulates the magic of soccer game by combining joystick and keys in 4+1 key precision control. Skillful control and teamwork will determine the outcome of the match. Everyone can show themselves in this game, be it a star or a beginner. Real-time Clash: Free and smooth gameplay High-speed connection for smooth PVP matches. Whether it is a shot on goal, a pass, a short pass on the attack, a sliding tackle, defenses, or switching defenders in defense, as well as skillful movements such as long passes, high shooting, full aerial shot, turn, Marseille, etc., you can Precisely done via joystick and keys.

New Features

Replacement no longer requires a second confirmation.

Defenders in the penalty area are now more active.

Reduce defensive pressure in the midfield.

Improved passing methods and locations to attack AI teammates.

The balance of long shot attacks has been adjusted.

Orientation and accuracy settings for scrolling have been added.

Improved game smoothness on low-end devices.

Reshape the club and add a new shoe setting.

The third game - racingmaste

The best car racing game for Android of 2021 with a direct link, racingmaste, this game was produced in cooperation with Codemasters, and this may be seen through the name of the game. The developer of NetEase, known as Dahua Studios, is a multi-award winning car racing game developer for Android and iPhone, and has partnered with Codemasters to produce a new game called Racing Master.

 As this game is being developed through the Unreal 4 engine which makes this game very suitable for the 2021 games Blast infested in the car racing games of 2021 in addition to some of Codemasters proprietary technologies, which happen to be developed with a large number of famous racers, such as DiRT, GRID and F1 Racing Master is one of the best car racing games for Android and iPhone for the year 2021. We have listed all the features of the game and we have learned about everything that distinguishes the game and makes it among the best Android and iPhone games for the year 2020 and 2021 in terms of car racing, but now the game is still a pre-registration and you can register on the game site Through the link below, so that you can download the game when it is downloaded

Features of Racing Master, the best car racing game for Android and iPhone

The graphics of the game are very appropriate for the year 2021 and developed

Racing orbit is one of the best car racing games

There are always new competitions in the game, which makes it one of the best car racing games

The company that developed the game is a giant company

OPPO has been developed using the Unreal 4 engine

New cars inside the game and famous brands

Fourth game - Lost Light

Lost Light is a Survival, Progression, and Competition mobile game developed by Netease Games.

In Lost Light, players will take on the role of a member of the Firefly Squad, surviving in an exclusion zone where the system has broken down and become dangerous, while discovering secrets and conspiracies hidden behind. Players will battle fully armed, sweep up enemies for resources and work with others to collect supplies to survive and face more challenges in the Exclusion Zone. In addition, players can use the supplies they collect on the battlefield to turn the ruins of the subway into a survival shelter. , where they can exchange goods and exchange information with others. In addition to fighting, you can also survive in the world by doing business.

The world of Lost Light features a variety of weapons, which have been recreated 1:1 in the game based on actual guns. In addition, the game guns have 12 parts that the player can modify, and more than 100 kinds of modified parts are available so that the player can customize the most suitable weapon according to his own ideas.There are many ways to play together in the game. On the battlefield, players can rescue a fallen stranger, temporarily ally with him, and try to escape from the siege. Conversely, players can also send out distress signals when they are down, send their coordinates to those around them and get help from others in exchange for supplies.

The fifth game - Vive le Football

Vive le Football is a fairy football game that is characterized by high graphics and fairy graphics, as well as a small size. The company neteasegames launched the game only two days ago on Android and iPhone and also on the PC platform. The way to download Vive le Football is very easy. Vive le football is a new game that has been released Two days ago, Esperance worked on YouTube and on social media, as this game was not expected to be released in 2021, and this game deceived all companies such as Konami, which is responsible for

PES 2021 game, this company surprised a lot with the release of a new game. This game is not like the rest of the games. Friends. This game is distinguished, very distinct in terms of graphics. When you see it for the first time, you think you are playing on the computer. I am honestly when

Features of Vive le Football for Android

Graphics and fairy graphics

New look for soccer games

Small size compared to other games

And horses of different stages, such as Mr. League

many stages

It works on the internet and you can play it with your friends

It also works without the net

Now to download