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Top 5 Android Games | TOP 5 Best Games Android - new games 2022

 Top 5 Android Games | TOP 5 Best Games Android

 Top 5 Android Games If you are always looking for new games, Android games and iPhone games, and you always download a lot of games and delete them because, unfortunately, they are not as wonderful as you imagined or did not meet the purpose, so you lose your time, you lose effort, and you also lose your internet today. Saves you, time and effort in searching the best 5 new Android games of the year

Top 5 Android Games | TOP 5 Best Games Android - new games 2022

Each of these games is for you. If you love action games, there is a game designed for action lovers. If you love fighting games, there is also a fighting game. If you love adventure and horror games, there is also an ideal horror game, and if you are a lover of car games, there is also no problem. The best car racing game for Android and iPhone for the year 2022, so let's get to know the games together

Top 5 Android Games

Top 5 psp games you will really like from here

Game #1 | Misguided: Never

Let's take a tour in the world of horror, adventure, action, and enthusiasm through his game Misguided: Never. This game is simply an Android and iPhone game, and you can also enjoy it whether your phone is weak, strong or medium because the size of the game is smaller than a hundred megabytes. The distinctive feature in this game is that it is a 3D graphic contemporary for 2021. The game also has three speed, and also supports the English and English languages, and there are many adventures, suspense and horror that awaits you within the game, where you must search for keys in order to be able to get out of the horror house in which it is located, and then monsters begin to appear in front of you and enter a world full of horror and adventures

Game features

The best horror game of 2021 in terms of music and sound effects that will make you enter the atmosphere of the game

You do not need the Internet, which means you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere


Small size 100 MB, you can enjoy it on all phones

A fairy tale where the girl who is the hero of the game begins to appear

Great graphics and very smooth and simple control and you enjoy it

Game No. 2 | INVICTUS: Lost Soul

If you are a fan of fighting, action and bloody games, using cards and superpowers, and a game that is different from all the games that exist now and brings you everything you want in one game, here is our game today INVICTUS: Lost Soul What distinguishes this game from the rest of the Android and iPhone games that are with us is that you You do not need a separate fighting game or a separate superpowers game, but rather it combines all of this in one game where there are very many characters that you will choose to fight with through the Internet. There are some cards at the bottom and these cards are the power that you will use in There is protection and there is to attack and there are so many cards

Game features

The best game that combines fighting games, war games, competition games and super power games

The graphics of the game is very excellent and it competes with many games of the same size

There are so many characters that have different strengths

The size of the game is not large, especially compared to the graphics

Finally, the game control is very simple

Game No. 3 | BasketRoll

If you are a fan of this series, you know the new part of the game. On Android or iPhone, you want what distinguishes this game. It requires you a lot of concentration. Now your ball descends on the slopes and you must collect the gold and eventually reach the basket in order to put the ball in it. What distinguishes the new part is the wonderful graphics and graphics, which have been greatly improved from The last part is really the best simple and light for Android and iPhone

Game features

It does not ask you for the Internet, it means that you will enjoy it anywhere, and you do not need the Internet

The graphics of the game, Mohsen, are much more than the past, and there are wonderful hills

Backgrounds for a fairy game and taken from nature

There is nothing simpler than controlling the game

The game is about 100MB in size

 Game No. 4 | Unruly Heroes

If you are a lover of a 2D game series, a new version of this series is Unruly Heroes, a game simply. You have four superheroes in the first. You will have one superhero who is with a loan character and you must collect a lot of gold and you will face a lot of monsters where you must play By killing them, and then the rest of the characters start appearing to you. What time will he give you the personal game you need to skip levels? Album Etvo on Google Play and its price is only $ 2

Game features

The graphics are very simple and there are no complicated things inside the game

Without the net, where you can enjoy any time

It is also simple on all phones

Finally, it is 200MB

 Game No. 5 | Ace Racer

Let's get acquainted now with the Chinese giant netgames games company that dominates the Android games for the year 2021 with the new giant if lovers of car games, including the terrible car game that will destroy all car games in 2021 and it played Ace Racer is the most powerful car game of 2021 for Android and iPhone what distinguishes this The game has great graphics and graphics that compete with very many games, its size reaches more than 5 GB. There are very many international cars and the rivalry of mythical races inside the game and in the end its size is 1 GB. Can you believe all this wonderful game of very small size

Features of the game Ace Racer

The graphics of the game are very cool, the best car game available on Android and iPhone

Its size is small than a channel in many games with less graphics

The size of the game is 1 GB

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