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Top 10 realistic games with awesome graphics for all Android phones and iPhones

 Top 10 realistic games with awesome graphics for all Android phones and iPhones

Top 10 realistic games with awesome graphics for all Android phones and iPhones

Top 10 games for weak devices with fantastic graphics

 The best games Top 10 high graphics games for Android and iPhone for the year 2021 We often talk about Android and iPhone games and what are the best new games for Android and iPhone, which is what are the best games in the world for Android and iPhone After I searched a lot, I came up with the 10 best games for Android and iPhone with high graphics Various games Small-sized games Games for powerful devices and medium devices There are open world games, action games and many other games.

Top 10 games for Android and iPhone

The first game _ Offroad Unchained: If you transgress among the most powerful mountain climbing games and also the competition between friends of the types of car games, then if you are really a fan of Offroad games, then the game is one of the best choices in front of you on Android and iPhone, but its following problem is that it is in length and not even in width You can see what is in the game. The game is characterized by many things, the first of which is the very strong graphics or high graphics, in addition to the types of anti-insiders that are formed by differences, in addition to the new updates always in the game

The second game - area breakout: produced by Tencent in 2022, and we can say that it is the best war and fighting game produced by Tencent for the year 2022, a type of battle royale game as well, where you will come down on the map of this map with a number of the game, you must kill all these players and win In the gym in order to be able to rise in your level in the game and get skins for me weapons and get skins and clothes for me your character and it is from the perspective of the first person so that you should know

First of all, Area Breakout is one of the war and fighting games that was produced by the company, Tencent, the game from the perspective of the first person, and it is a type of battle royale game that distinguishes the game from the rest of the war and fighting games from the perspective of the first person and the decision to Royal some of the features that we will learn about Now in the weapons, graphics, and the way to play. First we start with the weapons. What distinguishes Area Breakout from the rest of the war and fighting games in weapons is that each weapon has 10 combinations. You can control these combinations such as the combinations of installing the weapon or changing the damage of the weapon or things like this and you can find these combinations Inside the map that you download with your friends and also the game through the Internet and from the perspective of the first person

Game Three - Asphalt Nitro 2: Get ready to drive the most amazing licensed cars, including: Ferrari LaFerrari and Lamborghini Veneno, in unique environments that will require you to perform stunts! Light your nitro and be the first to finish the race! Get ready to drive the fastest cars in the world at top speed - you'll drive your cars across platforms and make them fly high - fly across platforms and make them fly.

The fourth game _ Brink of Mayhem: This game is considered one of the best open-world games, action and adventure, and the most fun in these genres. It surpasses these genres. It is very popular among one of the world's users. If you compare it to a game of the same type, this game will win with what is distinguished From adventures, health, a battlefield and a large map, you can compete with 10 friends and you can also compete with one friend of yours, and it is considered among the best fighting and shooting games that have excitement and a terrible amount of fun

The fifth game _ FIFA 21 KR About downloading the game FIFA 22 for Android Whenever you mention FIFA, you remember a legend from the legends of football games on Android, iPhone, computer, PlayStation or any game platform that you know understands that it is one of the best football games for Android that is characterized by online Even the movement of the players has a third and is much more wonderful than the Peso game that we talked about in the previous article. Also in the PES game, there is no Champions League full Android game

Best Android Games 2022

The sixth game _ zula mobile: If you are a fan of war and fighting games, let me introduce you to the game zula mobile. This game is not only a war and fighting game, but a combination of many games such as mission games and player with friends. Games you play with your friends and also games you play through the Internet are many types What distinguishes this game and the graphics are very high, and you can also play it with your friends, and what distinguishes it and its small size, which does not exceed 1 GB, is beautiful that you can download this game and install it on your phone even if your phone is weak and enjoy it with your friends

The seventh game _ SBK Official Mobile Game: A while ago, when I spoke about motorcycle racing games or motorcycle games as it is known in the rest of the Arab countries, this was the first shift with us, and it is the best motorcycle racing game for Android and iPhone for the year 2022. The size of the game is very small, no more than 200 megabytes, in addition, it works without the Internet. We download a game. This game is characterized by very wonderful graphics, or as it is called by the wonderful graphics.


The eighth game _ GTA V: Download the original gta v game for Android 2020, you will first start with the poor young Franklin, who is in his mid-twenties, and lives in the old neighborhoods of Los Santos with his aunt or uncle after the death of his mother and gave him half of the house, and works in a car showroom And it performs some tasks for the owner of the showroom, most of which are outlaw tasks such as restoring the show cars.

Download the game gta v for Android in a very small size from Media Fire. The Android version, which means today, is also a very wonderful and important feature, which is the display of weapons

The ninth game _ NBA NOW 22 If you are a fan of sports games, especially basketball games in NBA NOW 22, what is your best choice in this article? Lots of comments about the game

It has achieved more than half a million downloads with its last update on October 20. The game needs weak devices Android 5 in addition to its very small size, which is 600 megabytes, and this size is compared to the graphic. It is compared to the fact that you can customize a cam team for you and you can also get the strongest club inside the game and compete on The Internet and competition with friends, this game is one of the best basketball games so far

 Features of downloading NBA NOW 22 for Android

 The graphics of the game are very strong, beyond many games
 The game is free, not like other basketball games
 The size of the game is small compared to the graphics inside the game in its size does not exceed 600 megabytes compared to the graphics of the game small size
 The game works on medium and powerful devices
 Create your own strongest club to compete with your friends
 You can enjoy it with your friends and you can play online or compete with your friends

_Retract is a brand new multiplayer game, Battle Royale, with unique mechanics for more competitive gameplay! We will release frequent updates that include new features, new maps, new weapons, new outfits, general improvements and much more. Stay tuned and stay updated on our social media for the latest news about Retract.

Game Features
- Realistic high quality graphics on mobile.
- Smooth multiplayer experience, team up with friends!
- Skill based gun mechanics, no automatic shooting, etc.
- Don't pay to win, all players are equal!
- Barricades! If you get stuck in an open area, you can spread cover and save yourself and your teammates.
- Realistic weapons, scopes and attachments.
- Customize your characters and clothes.
- Practice at the shooting range while waiting for the match.

Top 10 high graphics android games