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Top 5 fighting games for Android - new games 2022

 Top 5 fighting games for Android - new games 2022

Top 5 fighting games

The Google Play Store contains tens of thousands of games that differ from one another in terms of the concept that drives the game, such as combat games, puzzle games, and many others, and since most of us cannot live without games on our phones in some way, today, God willing, we will discuss the best 5 combat games that can be tried on Android phones, and for the record, all of the games that we will mention can be played without the Internet

5 best fighting games for Android that you must try

The first game: Shadowgun War Games

This game is presented by the well-known game developer Madfinger Games, and it revolves around owning a set of advanced weapons and your role is to fight a group of bad guys. One of the game's features is that you can build your team and acquire more weapons, and it also has very high graphics and is light on the phone

Injustice 2

Since its release, this game has received numerous awards, and it rightfully so, as it is extremely beautiful, and its original concept is to control the most powerful Marvel characters and well-known characters in the world, whose films we have always followed, characters such as Superman, Joker, Batman, and a slew of others. Warner Bros. is known for releasing some of the most formidable fighting games

Real steel robot boxing world

This is a fantastic robot battling game. Indeed, the fundamental idea of this game is to pick your robot, then join the challenge via it. The combat then begins between you and a bunch of robots, and here comes your role: by directing punches, you may defeat these robots one by one, and progress through the game stages

Fight Club - Fighting Games

This game is classified as a fighting and adventure game, and it is regarded as one of the most powerful combat games you will ever witness. For reference, the game is based on a film of the same name. From the lowest to the most difficult levels, the game is well worth downloading and trying

Zombie Ultimate Fighting Champions

The frightening zombie fighting game is the last game on our list of the best fighting games for the phone. In this game, you will find intense bloody among the players, and one of the features of this game is that you can create teams to play with others and engage in combat battles with them, as well as play alone