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Learn programming for free with a certificate

Learn programming for free with a certificate

Learn programming for free with a certificate

A secret and terrible site that enables you to remove the things that you do not want inside the images, in addition to a wonderful site that enables you to make games and teaches him how to make a game on the phone with ease, and also a way to learn programming through your phone only. Finally, you can download the latest and latest new games for Android and iPhone, so if you want Knowing these sites and what is new in them and everything sold is this article

Free programming courses

 The first site - cleanup.pictures: We always photograph a specific picture in a place with crowding or many people, and we want to remove these people so that they do not distort the picture and some privacy that you want. Only when you enter the site, upload a picture, you upload your picture, then you select the thing that you want to delete, and so that everything inside the picture you do not want has been deleted. You can click on the download sign to download the pictures. Enjoy

 Features of the site to delete things from the picture

 The site is completely free and does not assign any rights to it

 Who asks you for a monthly subscription to use the photos?

 You can remove anything inside the image you do not want with the click of a single button

 The way to use the site is simple and does not require any contracts such as Photoshop


  It also saves you a lot of time and money and works on weak phones

 You do not need a program that asks you to do the phone work only through this site

 The second site - coding games: If you are a fan of programming games and want to learn programming in general and not just programming games, then the coding games site is the perfect choice for you, as you will not only learn programming games, but learn all programming languages ​​in all their details for free. All you have to do is enter the site and then choose the programming language that you want to learn.

 After learning the programming language, not Pison, you enter the design of games to design your game through the codes that you write and enjoy the game, but if the site is difficult in order to be able to make games, it will give you a sign with a light bulb or an idea through which you can get the game code to help you design the game And make the game through your phone only

Free programming sites

 Features of the game maker site and learn programming for free

 You do not need any money completely, all you have to do is enter and choose the language you want and learn programming

 It will save you a lot of money, time and effort

 He gives you in each lesson of the lesson to show you that you understood an explanation or not

 It is linked to a specific time or share. The site is open. You can access it at any time

 The game maker teaches you for free and this thing is little in our time

 You can invest in programming because it is the most demanded profession in 2022 2021

 The third site - APK-APK: This site is specially designed for all game lovers. If you want to download the latest games, not just the games on Google Play, the games are not on Google Play. This site is for you. All you have to do is enter it and then search About the game you want, such as PES FIFA, football games in general, play action, fighting games, open world games, all kinds of games are available within the site, and you can download them for free. A terrible site, and I advise you to try the site

 Features of downloading games on Android for free

 The site does not ask you for any money, you can download any game you want

 He has games that are not available on Google Play and will not be uploaded to Google Play either

 It has the latest faith and the newest games with downloading even the problems you face on Google Play

 A problem like it is not available in your country on Google Play, this site solves it

 The site has many games in various fields that you can choose through the division entered the site

Free programming platforms