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How to make a professional game using your phone

 How to make a professional game using your phone

How to make a professional game using your phone

How to make a game on play store

What is the best way to develop a phone game? We are currently living in the technological era. Games are bringing in a lot of money. That is why you should learn to create games for your phone, since they may earn you a lot of money. This day, we'll discuss how to develop a game for the Play Store, how to make a game that's entertaining for ladies, how to construct a game of chance out of paper, and how to make a game that's similar to PUBG. Following its widespread popularity, we will learn how to create a video game using only your phone, even if your phone is outdated.

What is the best way to develop a phone game?

Designing an Android game is not as simple as we believe, as we see game creators spending just a few hours each day producing an idea or a simple script in the game, so you think about developing the game, which takes months, years, or even ten years. Consider the number of games developed for this game, such as PUBG 100, in terms of visuals, gameplay, and control. All of these factors are not as simple as you may think when it comes to creating a game like PUBG.

But today I'll show you how to develop a game on your Android phone quickly and easily, albeit it won't be as popular as PUBG or other well-known games. It's a basic game with control buttons, similar to war games, open-world games, or any of these games, but you'll be in charge of everything. You decide the way you play and the game's style according to your preferences.

First and foremost, let me introduce myself. The application I'm referring to is Struck. This is a well-known application accessible on the Play Store that allows you to develop professional games in a very simple manner that does not require you to exert any effort. In less than five minutes, you can publish an Android game. Consider how much time this application will take. It's very simple for many people who want to start developing games, and using it is also very simple, as we'll show him how to make a game on the Play Store.

To begin, we must first download the Struckd app. This software may be downloaded from the Google Play Store. In addition, if your phone does not support the program on the Play Store, I will provide an external link at the bottom. All you have to do now is login after you've installed it. You will enter the application and the Struck application interface will show. Google must complete the registration details.

You've entered the realm of mobile game development, where you'll find a variety of complicated games created using this application, and it's wonderful that you can access it as well as its player and try it out. You may get inspiration from a variety of games on how to create your own game. There are war games, open-world games, fighting games, and fighting games. You may play it on your phone or within this program that teaches you how to develop an Android game.

How to make a game like pubg

The simplest approach to developing a game is to click on the word create at the bottom of the program, which will prompt you to enter in some information and begin gathering all of the application's data to construct the official interface for me to create a game. You will now select the starting ground for the game, either a magical example or a road. Alternatively, you may create an area for me to play according to the design of your coffee ball.

After that, you add the elements of the game that you desire, such as people, weapons, streets, and walls. By hitting the + sign, or the addition, you may add everything. The app starts with the presentation of all the items in the app and is well-organized. There is a section for weapons, a section for characters, a section for streets, a section for obstacles, and a section for automobiles. Let's say you want to add an automobile, so you go to the cars section.

We then add the vehicles we wish. If you want to add characters or monsters, go to the monsters box, pick a monster, and place it in the game, and that's all there is to it. Make a basic player. You must also have a concept for the game you want to make. You'll need a mother line. Even when you first open the program, you will find it quite simple to publish your desired game.

The app will be at the bottom of the page, ready for you to download and install on your phone. We've shown you how to develop an Android game without a computer or a long period of time in this article. You'll be able to build the game on your phone in less than five minutes, however, the issue is in the programming. Because this program does not allow you to remove the game and post it to Google Play, we will meet again soon in a different game-making application.