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Don't own a PC? Here are the 5 best computer games now on Android and iPhone without the net

 Don't own a PC? Here are the 5 best computer games now on Android and iPhone without the net

5 best computer games downloaded for Android and iPhone without the net

Don't own a PC? Here are the 5 best computer games now on Android and iPhone without the net

Because of their wonderful graphics and large open worlds, computer games are more popular than Android and iPhone games, but what do you think if these companies download their games on Android, the same game on the computer is downloaded to Android, and this is what has already been achieved today? With us on the 5 greatest computer games for Android and iPhone without the internet for weak devices and powerful smartphones with a small size for the year 2021.

5 best games for Android without the net

kill it with fire

The first game is Kill It With Fire, which is available for $14 on the computer, particularly on the popular Steam shop. The business made it available for free on Android, and you can get it on either an Android or an iPhone. One of the game's highlights is that it includes an adventure and spending mission environment when the tale begins. The game with the spider, which you must kill in any means possible, including by burning or using weapons, and with which you will come face to face in several locations. It's a fantastic game with fantastic objectives, and you can download it for free from the link below. It's regarded as one of the greatest Android and iPhone games for the year 2022.

Wall of Insanity

The second game, Wall of Insanity, was created particularly for all fans of horror games, as well as adventure, spending objectives, and many other aspects of the game. The gang has vanished, and additional cops are being dispatched. You're one of the troops tasked with searching the home and looking for your friends who have vanished. Many features distinguish the game, including adventures. It's also one of the most popular Android games. It is regarded as the greatest Android game of the action and adventure genre. It is played from a third-person perspective, and you must fight zombies while remaining alive.

Jelly Drift

The third game, Jelly Drift, is simply described as light; its size is 111 megabytes, which is a tiny size for low-end smartphones. One of the fantastic aspects of the game is that the maps are broken, and there are more than five of them, but none of them unlock until you complete the first map of the game's unique features. It is also unavailable. It doesn't require Internet access, and one of the game's standout aspects for me is the fantastic cartoon visuals.

Slender: The Arrival

The Arrival is the fourth game in the series. This game was created just for horror
 game fans. The game is distinguished from other horror games in that it has very beautiful visual features, where the storey begins with two girls, one of whom vanishes and no one remains except his scout, and from there you must hold on to the scout and search for it in forests, homes, and other locations, but beware of the killer cylinder, who hides and appears at any time.


This game is for everyone who likes relaxing and adventurous games as well as cartoon open science. From the outset of the game's tale, which opens with your presence in a land and a vast and terrifying open world, the game is defined by many things. One of the game's outstanding qualities is that it is regarded as the finest open-world iPhone game for 2022. The game's wide environment and amazing visuals, as well as the objectives you'll complete inside the game and many other unique features, are only available for iPhone users.