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Best open world games for Android offline (without the net)

Best open world games for Android offline (without the net)

Best open world games for Android offline (without the net)

Top 5 open world offline games for Android

 The best open world games for Android The open world games are among the most fun games because of the large map and wonderful graphics in addition to the missions that I enjoyed inside the large map for today, I decided to dedicate the article to the top 5 open world games for Android without the net for weak devices with a small size. Games there Including copies that you can enjoy with your friends and characterized by very high graphics, so it is now among the five best open world games without the net for Android

Racing in Car 2022 - Multiplayer: This game is considered one of the most powerful games that you can enjoy with your friends, as I heard it. You collect 25 gold in the game in order to open the mod for playing with your friends. The game is characterized by very strong graphics, in addition to a large city and a very wide map that you can enjoy. All of this you get in a size of 250 megabytes only. The game also works without the Internet, which means you can enjoy it At any time or any place, but the mod for playing with friends needs internet, a game that works on very weak devices

Top 5 open world games for Android without the net

LOUIS THE GAME: If you want a game with very wonderful views, a large map and a wide world in addition to a game that you can enjoy in the LOUIS THE GAME game, it is the perfect choice for you in the game. You choose the character from the fictional characters in front of you and then you roam the world The open and very large collect some gifts and keys because you cannot skip the level without getting the key because at the end of each level there is a door you must have a key in order to pass this door and enter the next level in addition to that each level changes the graphics, map, missions, colors and the whole world and the game is more Awesome from the first, in addition to the fact that the size of the game is 1 GB. Also, the game works without the Internet. The game has very dangerous graphics. In addition, the game has one problem, which is the fragmentation between the transmission of the gameplay scene and the cinematic scenes, and this does not present a big problem.

Huntercraft: Zombie Survival: If you want to try the free Minecraft game in the game Huntercraft: Zombie Survival is the most guaranteed and most identical to the Minecraft game. You have two ways for the player, the first is to survive, and the second is the existing industry. The first is to protect yourself from zombies, and we all know this person who is inside the game Minecraft in the zombie mod season two. It has not been developed yet. One of the most beautiful things in the game is 73MB small Very suitable for weak devices, and now the game supports 120 frames, and this is one of the very few things in games

Best open world games for Android

Carzone: If you are a fan of drifting games, this game is not developed by a company, but the game is developed by only one person, and he is the developer of Safaa. You have the link to it at the bottom, but it is a drift game in a very wide and large world with other features that have not been announced to Now by the developer, the game has a player mod with your friends and you can also enjoy the graphics inside the game and the map is very large, but so far the game has not been downloaded and when it comes down I will put the link for it in the shares

Botworld Adventure: If you are looking for an adventure game with great graphics in the game Botworld Adventure, I highly recommend it. This is a first-class adventure game that develops robots within the game based on role-playing in a wide and very large world, in addition to the many adventures and attractive colors inside the game You choose the character you want from the robotic animal characters, and then you develop it, the size of the game is 300 megabytes, and it works without the Internet and for weak devices

Best open world offline games for Android