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Best GTA-like games for Android phones 2022

 Best GTA-like games for Android phones

Best GTA-like games for Android phones

In the series of Android games that we always show you on ma3lomadz blog, we have in this article a list of the best gta-like games that can be played on Android phones with its different versions, and since the car thief game is very large in size, there are many game lovers looking for a game similar to GTA And they are small in size, and here comes our role as we brought you these games that can be played on weak devices and do not take up a large amount of memory.

GTA-like games


GTA-like games for Android

Before we list these GTI-like games, we would like to inform you that you can install them on your Android device even if it has weak specifications, and all these games are small in size and do not require a large space of storage memory for the smartphone. If you are a fan of gta 5, gta 4, gta v, gta san andreas or their various versions, you can try these games instead.

1- Gunshot City

Gunshot City is an open world action game where you can play as you wish. Like in the GTA game, you can become a criminal and fight a rival gang or perform simple tasks to earn extra money. Drive fast cars to earn money and win street races so you can buy new things for the game, for example. New weapons, items or safe. Many vehicle-specific missions, including police patrols, firefighters, ambulance drivers, taxi drivers, and more! Explore the vast map and make it a puzzle by driving land, sea or air vehicles. Enter the gun country to buy more weapons and explosives and don't let anyone stand in your way. The bonus mode includes arcade challenges where you can wreak havoc and earn money from all kinds of weapons.

Note: Gunshot City is an action/open world game developed entirely by one person. The programming and all these animations and characters are handcrafted. Free download and installation is available for all Android devices that support version 4.1 and above.

Download Gunshot City

2- Download gangster los santos game

Try the latest version of gangster los santos for Android which is just like GTA 5, it is one of the most powerful open world games, RPG with attractive graphics, high graphics and you will really enjoy this great version.

Download gangster los santos

3- Los Angeles UnderCover

Another action game and an open world that is similar to GTA 5, the size of the game is a bit large, about 800 MB, but it is wonderful in all aspects, it was created and developed to be like the GTA game in terms of roles within the game such as. Kill people, steal cars, drive a "future" helicopter, use weapons, move freely around the map and perform many missions that make you feel like you are playing the absolutely original GTA game.

Download Los Angeles UnderCover

4- Crazy Miami Online

Crazy Miami Online is a multiplayer open world game. At your disposal 3 huge cities, a huge selection of vehicles (cars, motorcycles, bicycles, helicopters, boats, military equipment, etc.). The game has a large collection of jobs, such as taxi driver, policeman, military, loader, paramedic, cleaner, driver, etc. You can join one of the 5 gangs and earn money. The gun store has many types of weapons, from pistols to grenade launchers. You can buy houses and apartments. The city has many facilities, namely a bank, a prison, 3 police departments, a car shop, a gun shop, a yacht club, a hospital, a taxi stand, a supermarket, a gas station, a military base and much more. And all this is supported by the multiplayer mode where you can play with friends.

Download Crazy Miami Online

5- GTA 5 Mobile game

GTA 5 Android Grand Theft Auto or GTA is a name that almost everyone in the gaming world knows. GTA is developed by game developer Rockstar North. The game is published under the name Rockstar Games. The gaming environment created by this company changed the perspective of gaming. Grand Theft Auto 5 is the latest installment in this popular game series after GTA 4 launched in 2008. The core theme of this game is to act as a criminal in a virtual situation with different partners integrated with the story of the run. The default state included in GTA 5 Android is a simulation of Southern California. The whole story is about three criminals in different cities.

gta5 is available for Android and iOS and can be downloaded from the official gta5app website


Download GTA game in a small size for all Android phones | New characters

Download GTA 5 for PC and Android phones with a direct link

6- MadOut2 BigCityOnline

MadOut Open City is an open world game from MadOut Games that combines fighting and racing. In this game, you will not only chase other cars, but you can also drive them off the road. You have a choice of more than 200 cars and a large arsenal of weapons that you can use to take down your opponent. At its core it is a racing game unlike other similar games, winning the game is not just about beating the other driver. Rather, the game gives you the freedom to eliminate your opponent in illegal ways. Aside from pushing them off the right track, you can also use weapons. A medium, fully open world complete with different weather conditions. With this, the challenge lies not only in your opponent, but also on the map.

Download MadOut2 BigCityOnline

7- Los Angeles Crimes

Download Los Angeles Crimes game on your device. This is a virtual world shooting game that lets you play and explore many different immersive worlds. Hide or roam alone to find prey, or you can team up with other players to destroy the enemy together. In fact, you will have the most enjoyable and stressful social moments when you join this interesting game. Many exciting things are waiting for you in this game that you cannot ignore.

Download Los Angeles Crimes

8- Gangstar New Orleans

Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld is an open world action game that is back, this time in New Orleans. With hundreds of vehicles and an arsenal of powerful weapons and explosives, the game gives you complete freedom to explore this vast city, becoming a true Gangstar. Gangs of bikers and twisted cops roam these streets and hide in the bay. As a Gangstar, rule the world by any means necessary by shooting your way through story missions. You will enjoy 3D graphics and amazing soundtrack.

Download Gangstar New Orleans

9- Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime

Gangstar Vegas is an RPG to become the leader of a gang in Las Vegas, while playing alongside gangsters and mafia gangs, in a free open game world with gang wars. Additional missions are added with each update and season, as well as time-limited events to play. Street fights and mafia deals are part of this gangster underworld game, with six guns action missions. Night boxing fight, street fights anytime and anywhere, different types of city driving with multiple vehicles and roaming around this open world.

Gangster encounters in an open world open world with racing challenges with different types of vehicles, various collectible weapons and clothing. Commit grand theft auto crimes in the streets of Las Vegas and fight against gangsters. Keep fighting for your life through every mission filled with adventures. Thieves and robbers are chasing you in car racing challenges to drive outside the legal limits of the city.


Motorcycles, trucks and boats are also part of your vehicle choices to accomplish different missions. Vice is all over the streets and locals, shooting is happening everywhere. Play TPS missions in Las Vegas, gangster city with space wars, waves of tanks, zombie clan attacks and different mafia to fight. Criminal Missions: Gangsters and Weapons to Trade In this adventure saga, different vehicles and weapons are available for each different mission. Gang wars with Molotov cocktails, grenade launchers and many more weapons and other tasks to accomplish plans and missions.

Download Gangstar Vegas