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Best Android offline games of 2022

Best Android offline games of 2022

In our renewed article on Android games, and with the advent of 2022, we return to you with the best 8 new and diverse Android games, which work on weak and medium Android phones, and can be played via the Internet (online), as well as without the Internet (offline), all of these games that we will present In our episode for today, it is small in size and can be installed on weak and powerful devices, and it has very high graphics.

The 8 best Android games without the net for the year 2022


The 8 best games for Android without the Internet and in a small size

1- Real Moto 2 game

For a long time we have been talking about motorcycle racing games or motorcycle games as they are called in the rest of the Arab countries, so we have the best motorcycle racing game for Android and iPhone for 2022, the size of the game is very small, not exceeding 200 MB in addition to that it works without the Internet, so that The game has reached more than 15 million downloads. This game has very high graphics.

Features of Real Moto 2 for Android

The game size is small.

The game is compatible with all versions of phones, even the weak ones.

The game works on devices less than 1 GB RAM.

You don't need internet.

 You can enjoy it anytime and anywhere.

 It has very realistic graphics that are better than other motorcycle games.

 It got more than 15 million downloads on the Google Play Store, which means that it is one of the best motorcycle racing games.

Download Real Moto 2 game

2- kombat master

It is the most famous game in the recent period on social networking sites, it has completely imitated the call of duty warzone game in terms of movement, characters and interface, I mean, it can be said that it is an exact copy of the call of duty warzone game for Android, the installation method is very easy, after downloading it From the link below, you will have an APK file through which you install the game and when you are finished, enter the game and thus you will have got the combat master game on your Android phone, or let's call it a game similar to the call of duty warzone game for Android for the year 2021.

Features of the game combat master for Android

Number one in terms of very excellent graphics that are suitable for weak phones.

A game that works on medium and powerful phones with its appropriate graphics that you can control through the settings.



The size of the game is very small, about 500 MB, which is suitable for all phones.

Download kombat master game

3- DLS 2022

The name of the game is Dream League Soccer 2022, hacked for Android with the latest transfers, crews and players, the size is 300 MB, it works on weak devices and can be played without Net 2022, and it contains Arab teams such as Al-Ahly and Zamalek and there is a very wonderful option through which you can play With your friends, it is the best football game for Android without the net 2022 with audio commentary.

Features of dream league soccer 2022

The best football game for Android without the net 2021

The size of the game is very small, less than 300 MB.

You don't need internet.

Download the game DLS 2022

4- FIFA 22

When we talk about the FIFA 22 game for Android, you always remember one of the football legends such as Zidane, Ronaldo, Messi and other legends. There is no doubt that you love one of these players at all and wish you were like him, the FIFA 22 game on Android, iPhone, computer or PlayStation is better Football games with the perfect movement of players, and when you play them, you will be like the legends we talked about.

Features of FIFA 22 for Android

First, the FIFA 2022 game for Android in a very small size

Play FIFA 22 for Android without the net.

Enjoy it anytime anywhere.

FIFA 22 Android game updated with the latest transfers, crews and players for 2022.

High graphic.

 FIFA 22 for Android is very beautiful, especially the aspects that have been greatly improved, also in FIFA 22 for Android there is the entire Champions League.

Download FIFA 22

5- NBA NOW 22

If you are a fan of sports games, especially basketball games, then NBA NOW 22 is the best choice for you. The game features very strong graphics, much better than the rest of the basketball games available on Google Play, updated for the entire 2022 year, where many game lovers interact. The comments are very positive, and it has garnered more than half a million downloads with its last update on October 20. The game can be installed on weak devices, starting with the Android version 5 and above, in addition to this, its size is very small, about 600 MB only. You can customize your own entire team, and you can also get the most powerful club within the game and compete online and compete against friends. This game is one of the best basketball games so far.

Features of NBA NOW 22 for Android

The graphics of the game are very strong, beyond many games

The game is completely free.

The game size is small compared to the graphics inside the game.

The game works on medium and powerful devices.

Download NBA NOW 22

6- Racing Heroes

If you love classic old games and want to return to these games, but with better graphics and gameplay that suits the year 2022, Racing Heroes has provided all this in a small size suitable with all phones, where you will choose your favorite hero, choose your car and start competing in the street through your cars.

What distinguishes this game also is the open world, in addition to its small size that is compatible with all weak phones.

Download Racing Heroes

7- Professional Fishing game

The professional fish game is one of the strongest games that has gained great popularity since its release in the recent period, with its wonderful features, as it is a complete simulation of the reality of fishing, and for all lovers of fishing hobby, this game is your best choice, so that the game is characterized by strong graphics that make you feel As if you are in fact, it is a realistic fishing simulation, not only that, but the game features a lot of other things such as the tournaments that are held in it. Its size is also very small, 128 MB, and the game has exceeded a million downloads since its release on the Google Play Store. It works on very weak devices that do not require high specifications and works on Android 5 and above.

Download the game Professional Fishing

8- Townscaper game

If you love the profession of engineer and want to become an architect, this game will provide you with this choice with ease. The Townscaper game is characterized by simulating the realism of engineering, especially architecture, where you have a piece of land completely empty and you must build an entire city on it, but you must design it well and professionally like engineers, and you must design its own colors and a lot of important things that will You enjoy it inside the game, this game is new and I only got 5000 downloads so far, but you can try it and you will definitely like it, its small size is compatible with all phones, even weak phones that are less than 1 GB in RAM.

Download Townscaper

These were 8 of the best Android games that can be played on your device even if it has weak specifications, and most importantly, you can also enjoy playing it without the net, do not forget to leave us your evaluation in the comment, or request any game and we, in turn, will strive to publish it on our site later.