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Best Android Games 2022 - Top 5 Android Games

 Top 5 games on my phone (fairy games)

Best Android Games 2022 - Top 5 Android Games

 Android games often ask me about new Android and iPhone games, and what are the best Android games for 2021, and they are fun games, games without the net, online games, there are millions of Android and iPhone games, but not all of these games are worth downloading, so I will save you a lot of effort and explain to you the top 5 Games for Android for the year 2021, online games and offline games, games without the net, action and adventure games, open pain games, and very many diverse games for Android and iPhone, so continue with the explanation.

Top 5 games on my phone (fairy games)

1-Battle Prime

Team Blitz was founded last year by a small group of former World of Tanks Blitz developers. As its first title, Battle Prime is undoubtedly hugely impressive, featuring quality visuals, control and the ability to take on giants of the genre. The battle royale game is a 6v6 team-based shooter with simulation feature. Your character has a little more control over pickpockets like COD: Mobile, and they're generally more unforgiving. Part of the draw is that you don't just play as a random military character, no sir, in Battle Prime you are a 'Prime Agent'.

These guys come with their own unique abilities and playing styles. You will be able to switch between different agents on the fly in order to adapt to the pace of the battle. As the game focuses on quick tactical matches, decent teamwork will take you far. Working alone is often a recipe for disaster. By reviewing recent user reviews, it is clear that some have to deal with annoying technical difficulties, including crashes and frame rate issues. Such annoyances may be expected at launch as developers continue to improve the game for a range of iOS and Android devices.

2- Score Hero 2

Score Hero 2 is a soccer game where instead of controlling an entire team, you can control just one player. Also, instead of playing the full game, you only play a number of key games in each match. In some matches, you may have multiple goals and try to catch them, while in other matches, you have to shoot the winning goal in the last minute of the match. The idea is to always be involved in the crucial moments in every game, whether it's scoring or assisting.

Important details in the result! The hero is that the game is organized according to a series of levels which in turn are divided into several seasons. In each level, you can earn one to three stars. In some levels you have to aim at the corner of the goal area to get three stars, while in other levels you may have to shoot from twenty metres. The gameplay is typical of this genre: slide your finger across the screen to follow the path of the ball. In this way, you can add rotation to the ball, as well as make headshots and other movements.


Score Hero 2 is a very entertaining soccer game with excellent graphics. It offers a different game experience than other soccer games. Also, the game has many customization options for your player.

Features of Score Hero 2

• Celebrate the exciting success story of your hero's football career!

• Score amazing goals, assist with passes, and take curved shots that aren't blocked in the top corner of the goal!

• Over 90 officially licensed teams from the world's top leagues are included! Who will you hire?

• Improved graphics and improved motion capture with smooth, familiar gameplay

• All-new Unlimited Hero Mode, how far will you go?

• Special comments from top international commentator, Arlo White!!

• Choose your unique hero skin and customize your own animation.

• Claim victory and earn rewards as you advance in your career and unlock premium rewards!

• Connect to the Facebook app to sync your progress across all devices

3-Spider Fighter

Spider Fighter This spider fighting game takes place in the city of criminal villains. Crime bosses occupied the city. Create superhuman skills and spider powers to compliment the man's body and defeat the mafia! The police and army are corrupt. The big city will fall. How's your turn as Chosen Man - you are the spider-fighting hero! So be a superhero and defeat the bosses in the best spider hero fighting game! The beat 'em up spider game is created like superhero games from our childhood and comics. Move your hero around the scene and perform melee attacks and epic super abilities.

This fighting game is designed for the fans of spider superhero and other superheroes of comics. Act unexpectedly with your fast flying spider attack, defeat rivals and gain experience to the next superhero level. Collect cash to unlock new perks, incredible passive and active super abilities to become the ultimate spider superhero! Unleash your rage in the streets of the crime city! As with the hero, crime bosses got their power after scientific accidents or misuse of scientific technology and transformed from ordinary man into super villains standing against spider hero.


Use amazing spider power, passive skills and abilities: shoot web, swing, perform air group, throw the environment at enemies. Do you want to be like Peter or Miles? One of the most famous and successful superhero.You are a spider superhero, you don't move like a man, but a spider that evades the attacks of your enemies and hits them in the air. This is a combination of fighting with unreal man's superpowers.

4- SpongeBob SquarePants

Are you ready kids? Play as SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy and show evil Plankton that crime pays less than Mr. Krabs. Do you want to save Bikini Bottom from tons of rampant robots in your powerful bubbles? Of course you want! Want to jump in rubber panties? why not! The battle continues! SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom was released in 2003, and although critics' opinions were mixed, the game gained enough cult following to receive a remake last year. The "Rehydrated" version is already available on all major consoles and PCs, but now a mobile port is on the way, thanks to developer HandyGames.


● Play as SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy and use their unique skill combinations

● Thwart the evil Plankton's plan to rule the Bikini Bottom with his army of silly robots

● Meet countless characters from the beloved series

● Redesigned one of the best innovative SpongeBob games

● Sophisticated visuals, modern accuracy and refined, aromatic gameplay

● Full controller support

● Supports Google Play Game Services

5-Project: GAIA

What the developers of [Project: GAIA] said, president. Nice to meet you all! We are a group of game developers from all over the world and we are also a big fan of shooting games. On the basis of that, our ambition is to create a high-quality global shooting game. When we learned that TapTap is an important window for players to interact with R&D in China, we decided to present some of our achievements here. (Note: The current version is still in the early stage, and there will be some inevitable issues, please excuse us, but all comments and suggestions are welcome. )

I would like to briefly introduce the idea of ​​this game: We are based on the development of the UE4 engine for the multiplayer shooter. Under the premise of ensuring high-quality graphics, we have high-definition firearms, great views of the world, exciting shooting experience, online co-op mode, etc. At the same time, we're still striving to challenge better performance, bigger maps, more interesting interactions, and greater freedom.

About the project progress, we will present our development achievements in TapTap from time to time, including game experiences, art settings, design ideas, etc. We promise that everyone can experience better versions of games in the coming days. We plan to release the first beta in late January. We hope that all shooting game lovers will pay close attention to our game. Anyway, enjoy your adventure!

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