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Best Android Games 2021 - new games in 2022

 The best games I have on my phone (which I'm playing right now)

With the download of many games, a question always recurs in the minds of many of you. What are the best games on your phone, why do you always play them and why do you prefer these games? This is what we will learn about in this article, in addition to the way to download games and also how to install these games easily. These games are wonderful Very small in size and suitable for all phones online and offline in order not to prolong the introduction, let's start now in the first game with us

Best Android Games 2021 -  new games in 2022

Top 5 games for weak devices

 The first game _ special forces group 3: This game came out two days ago, but this game is considered one of the strongest and best first-person war and fighting games for Android for the year 2021 and 2022. This version of the game is a beta version so far and it is from the company, but This version is not the full part of the game. We all know the series of this game and the old parts of it. These are very interesting games in terms of types of war and fighting games. CS-GO greatly reduces the fun things and also in the game that you can enjoy it with your friends through Bluetooth or from Through the fake or through the Internet

 Features of downloading a special forces group 3 game for Android

 The graphics of the game or the graphics of the game are very high and suitable for 2022

 The size of the game is very average, as it is 1 GB compared to the rest of the games

 You can enjoy the game online without the Internet

 You can also enjoy playing online with your friends and through the Internet

 The game has a lot of new models and maps from the previous part


 Cons The only answer is the camel wants a lot of improvement

The second game _ brain test: If you are a fan of puzzle games or solving puzzles, and this type of games in the brain test game is the choice that was sent to you in this video or this article, where we will learn about a game among the most powerful puzzle solving games that need to be filtered Your mind completely so that you can enjoy this game, as these puzzles can be solved with only one thing, which is to be clear of mind so that you can be given the puzzle of this puzzle, which is sweet in the heart of the mobile only. I mean, you can rotate the mobile and thus you have solved the puzzle. This is why this game is among the most powerful puzzle games Available on Android and iPhone

 The third game _ PES 2022: If you are a fan of football games and want to play PES 2022 on your Android phone today, we will learn how to download and install PES 2020 for Android from Mediafire easily on a small-sized PSP emulator. There are two versions, a copy for weak devices And a copy for powerful devices. What distinguishes this game is that with the PlayStation 5 camera, you will very much enjoy the game PES 2022, which today also means you will give it to your friends and enjoy together so that we do not prolong let us now review the game how to download and install it

One of the things that also made me enjoy the game is that the opponents are not weak, for example, the rest of the versions of PES 2022. Here the opponents must make an account for them because you will be in front of their sister very strong. The entire difference has been developed to 100% and 99%, you will face very many strong opponents One of the things that made me shut up about PES 2022 for Android is that it is the only option in front of you if you are a football fan who wants to get everything inside a football game in one game Small size, great graphics, great graphics, PlayStation camera, also updated kit and stadiums for 2022, very real and beautiful The game is very third and works even on weak phones. PES 2020 for Android is the best football game

Best Android Games 2022

The fourth game - Mini Militia: One of the most important characteristics of Mini Militia - Doodle Army 2 is the fun, smoothness and suspense that the designers of this game were able to introduce into this game of types of action games in which you can do many battles against a series of players up to six players through Sharing them online, this fun 2D cartoon game combines Soldat and Halo games, inspired by the original Stickman Shooter Doodle ARMy.

The game also contains more than 20 maps for you to discover, and the game also contains a large and multiple collection of all kinds of modern and futuristic weapons that you can use within the game to win and achieve victories over all competitors. In addition, one of the advantages of the game is that you can face 6 players and compete with them in One time online through this web, in addition to the dual control knob that helps you in the process of voting on the goals that appear in front of you. for you. You, in addition to the flight function provided by the jet game.

Fifth application _ Struckd: How to make a game on the phone We are now in the era of technology. Games are taking a large amount of profit. That is why you must learn to make games on your phone where you can earn very high sums of money for this day, which we will talk about how to make a game on a store play or how to make an entertaining game for girls or make a game of luck out of paper or how to make a game like Buggy After the great fame that it gained in general, we will learn how to make a video game on the phone only, even if your phone is weak

 The application will be at the bottom so that you can download and install it on your phone. In this article, we have explained how to make a game on Android using your phone only without the need for a computer or a large amount of time. In less than five minutes, you will be able to make the game on the phone without any problem, but the problem is in This application does not support extracting the game and uploading it to Google Play, so we will have another meeting soon in another application for making games

Top 5 games for Android