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Best Android apps 2022

Best Android apps 2022


With the increase in Android applications, there is a classification of the best applications every year, and in this file we will inform you about the best Android applications 2022 that have the highest download rates on the Google Play market, as they are considered among the important applications that cannot be dispensed with by iPhone users.

We have collected these distinctive and important applications that are among the best free Android applications 2022 and with direct links to easily download them on your own devices, as they are applications that fit all the storage capacities of the known iPhone devices.

Best free Android apps 2022

Best free Android apps 2022

There are a lot of paid and free applications on the Google Play Market, but some programmers have become dependent on Google ads to get paid, so they open the possibility to download their applications for free and integrate Google ads within the application, in order to get views and clicks for ads, and thus make profits.

Periscope app

It is one of the famous applications in the Android and ISO system, as it provides the ability to broadcast live videos, given the size of the hype that this type of applications has created in recent times. Shortly after the launch of the live broadcasting application Meerkat on Android, its direct competitor Periscope supported by Twitter introduced A version on the same system, as an advertisement for the continuation of the strong competition between the two applications, and if you do not know about what this application is, it allows users to broadcast live video to a group of followers using the mobile, now the application is available for free on the Google Play Store, you can download it and enjoy what it offers from Options in the process of broadcasting live video.

Twitch app

Many gamers and fans are looking for a way to watch broadcasts of the games they love and chat with players, with the Twitch application, you can watch broadcasts of the games you love as well as the ability to chat with players.

Best Android apps 2022

The Twitch app can be downloaded from here

Hyperlapse app

One of the applications that many photography enthusiasts have been waiting for, and it is one of the programs that Microsoft announced last year and confirmed that it is in the process of developing it and making it capable of filming without shaking and it was introduced this year to be able to shoot videos without any vibration, knowing that the application is directed to a specific number From phones and smart devices, you can view it from here, and after a while from the release of the application, it was updated to add some new options and support for some other devices. You can view them from here, and finally the application until this moment is in its beta beta phase, you can download it by joining the application community.

Best Android apps 2022

Hyperlapse app can be downloaded from here

AdBlock Plus

One of the most popular and used applications to kill annoying ads, the programmer for the AdBlock Plus application made it a specialized browser to kill ads and published it on the Android platform to be one of the applications that provides protection from ads and save devices from malware and does not consume the device's power compared to other browsers.

Best Android apps 2022

The AdBlock Plus application can be downloaded from here.

Office Lens app

One of the distinctive applications launched by Microsoft, which is the application of the scanner that was launched in 2022 by Microsoft on the Google Play Store, and it is an application that is closely linked to several tools that are considered wonderful and distinctive tools, and can be obtained through the Google Play Store and downloaded to your device, enjoy and make your phone Scanner.

Best Android apps 2022