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A secret site to turn your phone into a computer 2022 and enjoy games for free

 A secret site to turn your phone into a computer 2022 and enjoy games for free

site to turn your phone into a computer

Turn your phone into a real computer

Unfortunately, many of them do not have a personal computer; nonetheless, the majority of them do have one today. This problem will be solved, and the approach is really simple. We'll move the phone to the computer, and you'll be able to play popular games like Minecraft in the browser without having to charge your phone or any other devices. Something in the mobile, the approach is simple, and it is for us to explain that the method does not require apps that require a powerful phone, and that, in the end, you do not require a powerful internet.

Program to convert phone to computer

We'll start with the approach, which requires you to first visit the media website. This site just allows you to select your preferred Windows and play the majority of popular games only. When you initially visit the site, you are prompted to select the version of Windows you wish to work with, but the example of Windows 98 is not available. When you've decided on the sort of windows you'll use Work on it, and get some Windows data.

And once you've finished downloading the data, it will extract the Windows meeting or display Windows in the browser, allowing you to run Windows on your phone or convert your phone completely to Windows, allowing you to use all of the applications on Windows, such as Discord to communicate with your friends or open a popular game like Minecraft.

This approach has one disadvantage: it is quite sluggish, and it has various issues, such as the fact that some apps can only be accessed by connecting the mouse or keyboard to your Android phone. The answer to this difficulty may now be found in a very simple manner. To begin, you must have an OTG link. This link is highly widespread and can be found on most websites as well as in all places where you can buy things.

How to turn your phone into a computer

However, before purchasing an otg, make sure that your phone supports this connection so that you do not wind up purchasing it. This application is tiny in size and maybe downloaded on any phone without the need for Internet access.

If the mark is accurate, it signifies that your phone supports OTG; if it gives you an error, it means that your phone does not support OTG, and you will not be able to connect the mouse or keyboard to your phone. Now that we've covered the supported phones, we'll go through how to connect the mouse and keyboard to the phone via the OTG connection.

You connect the OTG to the phone first, then the mouse to the OTG connection, and you've successfully connected the mouse. You may also use the keyboard instead of the mouse, and there is an Auto-G connection that allows you to connect two outputs to the mouse and keyboard, allowing you to operate the mouse and keyboard from your phone.

Thus, you have completed the conversion of the phone to a computer, as well as operating it with the mouse and keyboard and playing all of the computer games accessible on Windows that we selected through the site, as well as running the available programs and old games that we have always liked. You may share this topic with your friends so that they can benefit from it, and you can gather links below to transform your phone into a computer.

Turn your phone screen into a computer