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7 best war and fighting games of 2022 for Android and iPhone

7 best war and fighting games of 2022 for Android and iPhone

7 best war and fighting games of 2022 for Android and iPhone

There are a lot of games available on the Google Play Store, but unfortunately, not all of these games are suitable for download so as not to waste your time and the Internet you have for today, we will review the best Android games for you. The 5 best war and fighting games for Android without the Internet, and there are also games that need internet. Online games. Offline games that work on weak devices because their size is very small. You can run them on phones with less than one gigabyte of RAM. One of the wonderful things about various games. Action games, war games, fighting games, zombie fighting games, and strategy games. Very cool games that you will enjoy. You can play these games at any time and anywhere without the need for the Internet, and if you want some games on the Internet, there will also be Internet games.

5 best war and fighting games without internet

The first game. World War 2 - Battle Combat

This game is called on Android. It is a World War II game or Battlefield mobile game. This game is a war and fighting game in which with your friends there is a difference between the first team consisting of four and the second team also four people who enter against each other and the first team begins to cut the team The second is that everyone has a place that he must protect from the one in front of him or from the other team. The game is written by a pleasant atmosphere of fun and suspense. Also, there is always fighting and very wonderful sounds in the background. I give you and the atmosphere is mythical to me. The game is one of the most important features of this game, its small size is less than 300 Mega is wonderful stuff. The game needs an Internet that you can enjoy with your friends and enter with them, as well as competitions that are within the game. The game always has updates that you can always enjoy.

The features of this game are very many, and the most important thing that distinguishes this game, as we mentioned, is the small size, or less than 300 megabytes. Also, the war and fighting games mode is its graphic, as the game enjoys a mythical Bruce and Miyat, and it is difficult to have it in a game of this size. The game link in Below to be able to download and install the game and enjoy it on your phone and support now we start with number two. 

The second game. ace fighter

This game is considered one of the most famous series available on Android to fight zombies, as this series had its first part since 2017. Whoever loved fighting zombies will know this game well. It is available on the Google Play Store. The number of downloads is the number of downloads, it is planning a hundred million downloads, and it was popular It is very large and the beautiful thing is that it did not need the Internet in the first part, and it had a lot of fun levels, and you could play it on weak phones as well, and this is a wonderful thing with the special graphics in the game today. The second part represents the first part, but in a different way, as the graphics within the game have been improved, and it is also one of the wonderful things. Don't say enter the game are the levels where you can control the character and walk inside

A whole city and this city has a monster. You have to kill the small monsters to move to the big monster. One of the wonderful things in the game are the missions. Inside the game there are many and many tasks that you must carry out. You don't know it also helps you in some solutions to problems such as crushing and opening the thing that you can't open Ash and then you will depend on yourself very cool and it is considered one of the best and most powerful zombie fighting games and also one of the fun things about the game is the graphics and the small size of the game which is 500 megabytes you can run this The game is on weak devices that represent less than 2 GB.

 The third game. Cyber ​​retro punk 2069

If you are a fan of strategic games or your dream is to fly in the plane or control the plane or games other than fighting games on it with guns and weapons, you may play today and it is the best aircraft strategy game on Android, as this game or not does not need you Internet, you can enjoy With it, at any time and any place, you will carry the aftershocks of a plane in the sky that will kill the enemies, as a group of members will attack you by planes. You must also be detonating all of these. The planes in front of you, through the small ones that the game gives you, you can enjoy more than one shot in one place, you can enjoy the machine gun or missiles, or the way you like to kill the enemies in front of you. To work and play it on weak devices if you have a phone less than one in this game I highly recommend it and it is one of the best games that I always enjoy on my phone because through this game. Over and away from the super family message if he doesn't know you.

Fourth game Iron Blade

Write your own story in Iron Blade - the most exciting action RPG adventure and action RPG ever - set during the Middle Ages on a continent full of war, conflict and magic. Explore the vibrant fantasy world of the game with its high-quality graphics that simulate platform games, as well as an innovative combat system that is easy to learn at the same time, which will not leave you prey to boredom, but will throw you into the furnaces of an endless series of heart-pounding battles!

Epic legend- The demonic war army is approaching, and the castle will not survive their violence and bloodshed. This is no time to rest! Take up your sword, be a hunter of monsters, fulfill the prophecy and drive them out forever!- Discover a conspiracy of intrigue and betrayal as you take on exciting story missions in this RPG.- Explore the game world full of secrets in a fantasy setting inside the continent of Europe filled with legendary warriors, conflicts and mysterious secrets.- This RPG and RPG adventure will take you to fantastic locations unmatched in other games, to fight demon knights in Notre Dame or to kill vampires in Transylvania Castle.

The fifth game. War After

Since we are talking about zombie fighting games, the war games are very wonderful, which has an atmosphere of action and excitement for the lover of Kattal zombie games. The previous game needed a spacious internet, the meaning of today is this game, which is a very wonderful zombie fighting game for 2021, first of all, the game does not need internet You can enjoy it anytime anywhere without the need to turn on phone data or turn on Wi-Fi. One of the things that made me enjoy the game is that it is similar to the game Injustice 2 Avenue 2. This game is one of the most famous zombie fighting games on Android. This game that after today is established To imitate it with all the meaning of the word from the blocks of zombie action and excitement and very many things that you will enjoy within the game

But what distinguishes our game today is a small size that the game is imitated in all the meaning of the word, but in a small size so that the weak devices can download the game and enjoy it also. One of the wonderful things is the large number of tasks. There are very many tasks inside the game because its size does not exceed 500 Mega is a very small size, selling zombie games, games without the Internet, and high graphics games in it, which are the most famous and best. A game among these games in terms of graphics in terms of size in terms of its need for the Internet to connect to an Internet bank. If your phone is weak, I recommend this game to you. It is the best and most powerful game for me in fighting zombies.

The sixth game. DEAD TRIGGER 2

This game was its first appearance at the end of the year 2020, and how much is a lot to download the game and enjoy it, as what distinguishes this game from the rest of the war and fighting, oh, the graphics are very wonderful in the game, which is characterized by fabulous graphics that you cannot find in games of this size, and by the way, the size of the game is 150 megabytes With this size, this is offered to you, you are not in you, and these levels, by the way, are similar to the game Rainbow 6 Siege. This game is one of the most famous fighting games on the computer. Today, I present to you the best game and one of the most famous and most powerful war and killing that gained great fame in a short time on Android on Android iPhone.

What distinguishes this game is the faces of transitions and exciting action within the game. If you need the Internet, you must enter in front of it real people and it is always difficult to defeat them in the game. You must know the secrets and secrets of the game. War and fighting games have this feature. One of the things that I liked is the small size of the game and great graphics. In the new update, a new map has been added. This map is characterized by a wide and very large world, and also with wonderful grace and the shape of the buildings is real. What tends to realism is a game that evolves day after day. There are always updates and continuity On the game If you are a fan of war and fighting games, I present to you today. Game is the best choice

Seventh game Zombeast Survival Zombie Shooter

If you are a fan of playing it. Cyber ​​Bank. Today I present to you this game. The last of the most games that imitated the cyber-bank game on Android in terms of colors and the faces of the city game inside the room when the city market inside the game is all full of colors and similar to the game Cyber-bank and also the name of the game is taken from the game Cyber-bank one of the things that distinguished the player from the rest of the war and fighting games It is the atmosphere of the game from the inside where you are in the dark and all the lighting around you is a color light, for example, a cyber-bank game in the city, where you can enjoy this game on your weak phone if you have a less phone. 2 GB in RAM, I highly recommend you to download this game

 It is one of the most powerful and most famous war and fighting games of 2021. What distinguishes this game is the wonderful graphics inside the game. All the games I explained were characterized by wonderful graphics, but this game its graphics is not like the rest of the usual colors inside the game gives you a wonderful wonderful shape and aesthetic shape that you did not see in War and fighting game is one of the things that stop you enjoying within the game. Its small size and graphics. What remains are very many missions that you must carry out, there is also fighting zombies, so if you are a fan of fighting zombies, I highly recommend the game

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