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new game for android -10 best mobile games 2021_ new games

10 best mobile games 2021_ new games

The Android and iPhone game platforms have grown dramatically in recent years, requiring game developers to create strong games for Android and iPhone devices. As a result, there are currently a large number of powerful games accessible for Android and iPhone devices

However, many of us are seeking new games for Android and iPhone 2021, and as we approach a new year, 2021, we see new mobile games being made, and we are here to find those current and new games for Android and iPhone phones and provide them to you

We didn't have to wait long, since new games for Android and iPhone phones were released at the start of 2021. For the year 2021, we analyze the finest new and strong games that were released for Android and iPhone phones

We all enjoy playing powerful and unique games for Android and iPhone, especially new games that we haven't seen before on Android phones and iPhones. TOP 5 NEW GAMES FOR ANDROID & IOS IN 2021

The best light and modern Android games for the year 2021 that you may not know for Android phones and iPhones are the quality in content, graphics, story, and exciting events, as well as offline games without the Internet, some of which are free games that require internet for Android phones and iPhones, as they are the best light and modern Android games for the year 2021 that you may not know for Android phones and iPhones, as they are the best light and modern Android games for the year 2021 that you may not know for Android phones and


One of these games, I believe. War After: PvP action shooter 2021 is a mobile game for Android phones that is one of the finest and greatest action games and multiplayer through a five-on-five deathmatch mode. It provides a fun experience with high-quality graphics, comparable to Call Of Duty Mobile, but in a smaller size that works on all Android and iPhone device

Immerse yourself in 2021 War After, a new PvP shooter. The world as we know it has come to an end due to constant strife between nations and dwindling resources. Resources are running out, and different factions are vying for what's left. In a post-apocalyptic world of unending conflict, join a group. Fight in a variety of Fallout venues, selecting and upgrading weapons, warriors, and gears to conquer the world and lead your squad to victory. Gain access to better equipment by raising your rank during battles

Create your appearance, pick a side, and engage in intense online PvP fights optimized for mobile devices! Fight and develop your strategies based on the arena, your side, your weapons, and the type of conflict you're fighting. Immerse yourself in nonstop action and take out your foes with one of the hundreds of shooting weaponry at your disposal

Downloading and playing War After is free

a battle in cyberspace
Players from all around the world are pitted against each other. In this dynamic PvP shooter, you may become the global champion

There are a lot of weapons
There are several dozen lethal weapons to pick from. Choose the one that best matches your strategy. Grenades, SMGs, assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, and even grenades are all available for use. There are several firearms for each weapon class

Enhance your abilities and equipment
The war game features dynamic action on a variety of tactical battle maps. Participate in a thrilling fight with gamers from all around the world and enjoy tremendous action against deadly opponents. During the terrible combat, improve your fighting abilities and acquire resources to enhance your weapons and clothing

Amazing visuals Full-featured 3D representations of weaponry and warriors, as well as breathtaking visual effects, will allow you to immerse yourself in the battle

Spectacular battlegrounds
Beautiful settings allow you a wide range of strategies and maneuvers, as well as fascinating fallout vistas to explore and immerse oneself in a post-apocalyptic setting

Simple Controls
The game's straightforward controls and simple user interface will allow you to leap right into battle and master tactical warfare

Advanced Compatibility is a term that refers to the ability to work with a
All battles in the wargame are automatically created; simply hit "Fight." Teams from all across the world will be selected so you can have a good time right away

Tactical Shootout is a tactical shootout game
Develop your combat strategies and select the weapons that best fit them! Ascend to the high ground with your sniper rifle, set up an ambush with your rifle, or use your assault rifles to wipe out everyone in your path

Customize your weapons and clothing. For every military firearm and every style of gear, there are several different sorts of skins. Make up your combat style

💣 Take control of the planet
The division with the most points is the winner. Adapt your maneuvering strategies to the scenario. Rule the planet and keep your regions safe from invaders

There's also a strong new game coming to Android phones and iPhones in 2021, SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom, which you can pre-register for now

Are you all set, kids? Show nasty Plankton that crime pays less than Mr. Krabs by playing SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy. Do you want to use your mighty bubbles to defend Bikini Bottom from a swarm of rogue robots? Of course, you desire it! Do you want to jump into a pair of rubber panties? After all, why not? The fight goes on

Features: Play as SpongeBob, Patrick, or Sandy and use their unique skill sets to thwart the evil Plankton's plan to rule Bikini Bottom with his army of silly robots Meet a slew of characters from the popular series Recreate one of the best innovative SpongeBob games Sophisticated visuals, modern accuracy, and carefully refined gameplay Full controller support Supports Google Play Game Services

We are now going to download games for Android direct links

1 - To download the game SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom

2300 MB | offline

2 - Download War After: PvP action shooter 2021

150 MB | Online - you need internet

The game is not currently available for iPhone

3 - To download the game BiBi World

220 MB | Offline - without internet and you can also play it online

4 - To download the game The Lizard man

250 MB | Offline - without internet

5 - To download the game Xtreme Motorbikes

215 MB | Offline - without internet

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