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 What is a smartphone

Electronic devices and smart phones are cellular phones that allow you to send messages or make voice calls, browse the Internet, and run many basic programs that run on computers. It is distinguished in these smart phones that they use touch to interact with users, and they have many applications and programs such as personal applications The first unofficial smartphone was created in 1992 by IBM, and in 1994 an improved version of it was released, known as  (Simon Personal Communicator)

Smart phone features

Smartphone operating system
It is an operating system that allows you to run various applications, for example, many phones run on the Android operating system, iPhones according to the iOS operating system, and BlackBerry
phones with the BlackBerry OS operating system

Applications: Applications in smartphones allow many services such as creating, modifying or viewing Microsoft documents, editing images, and other services

Keyboard: Smartphones have a keyboard inserted in the same order as a computer keyboard

The benefits of smart phones

Smartphones have many benefits, including that they allow users to keep in touch through various social networking sites such as Google, YouTube and Facebook

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